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Publications LOCIE 2015 to 2019

Recent doctoral theses

Alessia LOSINI on 13 December 2021

Stabilisation of adobe with recycled or waste materials and natural additives: characterisation and simulation

Karine BOUTY on 10 December 2021

Modelling solar deliverability in urban areas

Maxime THONON on 30 November 2021

Study of a storage heat exchanger with phase change materials for the storage of domestic hot water

Clémence LEGROS 28 September 2021

Impact of wood material on hygrothermal conditions and perceived comfort in buildings: experimental and numerical study at room scale

Parul CHAUHAN on 25 February 2021

Influence of water stress on the mechanical behaviour of adobe: behaviour in early life

Marie ALAIN on 21 January 2021

In-situ stress analysis in reinforced concrete structures

Amín ALTAMIRANO on 14 January 2021

Development of a new concept of compact and low cost absorption chillers: application to the case of solar cooling for hot climates

Gaétan CHARDON 8 January 2021

Study of multi-function absorption heat pumps for heat network substations

Ainagul JUMABEKOVA on 18 December 2020

Identification of thermophysical property parameters of wall elements in real conditions and reliability of simulation models

Mathilde LE TELLIER on 16 December 2020

Performance evaluation and decision support model for the development of eco-parks, application to the French and Quebec contexts

co-supervision with the University of Quebec at Trois Rivières.

Hugo GEOFFROY on 15 December 2020

Method for the detection of faults in energy systems - Coupling expertise and dimension reduction method

Hasan SAYEGH on 3 December 2020

Holistic optimization of buildings based on the evaluation of annual performances from short simulation sequences

Sanghasri MUKHOPADHYAY on 2 November 2020

Hydrodynamics of falling films in structured packings: influence of wall permeability

Yannis MERLET on 15 July 2020

Development of optimal strategies for the renovation of building stock

Sarah JURICIC on 9 July 2020

Identifiability of the thermal performance of a building envelope from poorly informative data

Antoine COPEREY on 6 April 2020

Temporal monitoring of thermal disturbances induced by geothermal baskets: petrophysical modelling and geoelectrical imaging

Martin AMIEL on 19 February 2020

Method for optimizing energy performance diagnosis via an instrumented approach instrumented approach

Léa GONDIAN on 17 December 2019

Application of Temporal Sensitivity Analysis for the description of the thermal response of a building to the actions of its inhabitants

Ismail LAYADI on 12 December 2019

Effect of masonry infill on the behaviour of reinforced concrete frames under lateral loading

thesis in cotutelle with the University of Tebessa, Algeria

Choayb BELGHIAT on 19 September 2019

Contribution to the dynamic modelling of chained masonry

thesis in cotutelle with the University of Guelma, Algeria

Téo POLIMANN on 28 August 2019

Impact of Air Pollutants on the durability of materials dedicated to the thermochemical storage of solar heat for buildings

Mehrez AIANE on 18 April 2019

Characterization and modeling of an absorption air conditioning system

Patricia CARBAJO JIMENEZ on 20 December 2018

Methodology for the optimization of a new concept of hybrid water-air solar thermal systems

Longwen CHEN on 13 December 2018

Experimental Study of Crown Discharge for Indoor Air Treatment: VOCs and Particles

Gaelle GUYOT on 3 December 2018

Towards a better consideration of indoor air quality and health in low-energy individual housing: Development of a performance approach to ventilation

Thomas BUSSER on 08 October 2018

Study of hygrothermal transfers in wood-based materials and their contribution to the interior atmosphere of buildings

Bastian Okto Bangkit SENTOSA on 27 September 2018

Characterization of reinforced concrete structural elements by dynamic measurements

Nicolas CELLIER on 12 April 2018

Optimization of drip-film heat exchangers

Pierre BELLEVILLE on 3 April 2018

Multiphysics modelling of anodic biofilms for the development of bioelectrochemical systems

Lauren FARCOT on 9 March 2018

Study and analysis of a thermochemical storage with a separate reactor adapted to temperatures between 60°C and 120°C : Application to heat networks

Lorena FREITAS DUTRA on 30 November 2017


thesis in cotutelle with the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná (Brazil)

Mao NGUYEN DANG on 23 November 2017

Panels from bamboo fibers/powders for building construction: elaboration and hygrothermal characterization

Thibault ESENCE on 7 November 2017

Study and modelling of solid/fluid regenerative thermal storage systems

Fredy HUAYLLA on 25 September 2017

Absorption solar energy storage: focus on mass and heat exchangers, experimental process and modelling

Ranime EL NABOUCH on 8 June 2017
Mechanical Behavior of rammed earth walls under Pushover tests

Gwyddyon FENIES on 23 November 2016

Development and optimisation of a Stirling machine for thermal energy recovery

Nolwenn HUREL on 21 November 2016
Impact of air infiltration on building performance: focus on experimental study in timber frame walls

Guilian LEROUX on 21 October 2016
Study of an innovative low energy cooling system for the building

Clément BELLEUDY 23 February 2016
Modelling air transfers and their impact on the hygrothermal behaviour of the building envelope

Marine FOUQUET 11 December 2015
Reflections and methodological contribution to the life cycle assessment of new buildings: modelling the energy contributor

Amine LAZRAK December 3, 2015
Characterisation of the energy performance of innovative thermal systems for buildings through short duration tests in dynamic regime

Marie SWIATEK on 6 November 2015
Study of convection and thermal stratification phenomena in a tilted, centrally heated cavity - Application to self-storing solar collectors

Sébastien WULLENS 23 October 2015
Numerical study of natural ventilation, implementation of a fine model in a building thermal simulation

Yannick KEDOWIDE on 7 July 2015
Experimental and numerical analyses of the hygrothermal behaviour of a wall composed of highly hygroscopic materials

Qualifications to Conduct Recent Research

Simon Rouchier, 5 January 2022

Statistical learning for energy performance of buildings

Julien Ramousse, December 13, 2018
Phenomenological modelling and thermodynamic analysis of energy conversion systems

LOCIE's carbon footprint

LOCIE'scarbon footprint for the reference year 2019 was carried out in 2021, the summary of results and work perspectives is available here