Doctor (PhD)


Duties / responsibilities


Research topics

Ontologies - Type Dependent Conceptualization - AI


1/ Interpretation, specification and demonstration of a theory of parts and a topology based on Clay's demonstrations (72). First with the COQ assistant, then with Isabelle's automatic demonstrator. Addition to Tarski's theory of solid geometry (27-56). Demonstration of how to use the theory to create automatic proofs by associating dependent types ( Sigma and Pi) to "model" and "reason" about objects and contexts.

2/ Specification (modification) and realization of a high-performance version of the "Sentence Similarity based
# on Semantic Nets and Corpus Statistics" algorithm by Li, et al. in C/C++ (OpenMP) (two 20-word sentences in 1 ms i7).
Study of the representation of Wordnet subsumption links by (Poincaré disk, Word2Vec, fastText, etc.) a hyperbolic space for distance calculation optimization.
Computations carried out using the LAPP MUST: open computation and storage mesocenter on the EGI/LCG grid.
Creation of the SMSA (Semantic Measure Similarity Algorithm between two sentences/sentences) library suite, which enables similarity to be calculated between short sentences (in English and French) using ontologies.


Graph theory - Functional programming / Lambda Calculus - Computer security