Dr. Blahoslav Harman 1991 Working Seminar on Theory and Applications of Fuzzy Sets (extended abstracts, edited by B. Harman)
Blahoslav Harman Fuzzy numbers and classical integral transformations
Frantisek Kopka Probability measure in fuzzy sets
Milan Lehotsky, Jan Chmurny Morphological transformations on fuzzy sets
Le Ba Long A representation of observables on a type I, II, III of fuzzy Quantum poset
Radko Mesiar Fundamental g-t-norms
Beloslav Riecan Two notes on measure in fuzzy topological spaces
Jan Rybarik The Entropy of the Q-F-Dynamical System
Leonid Kitainik Notes on convex decomposition of bold fuzzy equivalence relations
Wang Hongxu, Du Dewen and Leng Yingnan The solution of the II type equation of a fuzzy matrix and the computation of the content for realizable fuzzy matrices
Wang Xizhao and Ha Minghu Fuzzy Measure Defined by Pan-Integral
R. Z. Salkchutdinov Some new properties of sugeno's integral
Liu Xuecheng Duality of seminormed fuzzy integral and semiconormed fuzzy integral
Mirko Navara and Pavel Ptak On the state space of soft fuzzy algebras
Wang Pei-zhuang Fuzziness vs. randomness, Falling shadow theory
Guo Sizhong and Shi Suying Research on the Application Models of Fuzzy Models of Fuzzy Set-Valued Statistics
George Sotirov An approach to fuzzy non linear regression analysis
Bernard Fustier Qualitative analysis of decision-making
Christo G. Georgiev, Krassimir T. Atanassov Logic programming with intuitionistic fuzzyness
Didier Dubois, Henri Prade A note on the validation of possibilistic knowledge bases
Swapan Raha and Kumar S. Ray Generalized approximate reasoning
Ernest Gzogala, Wojciech Cholewa Uncertainty treatment in fuzzy production system of cc_Shell
Xiong Ning, Shao Shihuang Treating fuzzy environment for mobile robots
Li Tingjie Fuzzy Reliability for Fuzzy Event - Fuzzy Probability Mode
A. K. Chaudhuri and P. Das A Note on Fuzzy Topological Maps
Mo Zhi-wen and Wang Xue-ping Fuzzy Ideals Generated by Fuzzy Sets in Semigroups
Bai Shi Zhong Fuzzy Almost Semicontinuity
Li Hong-Xing, Luo Cheng-Zhueng and Wang Pei-Zhuang The Cardinality of Fuzzy Sets and Continuum Hypothesis (I)
Book Review of "Fuzzy Set Theory and its Applications" by Hans J. Zimmermann