Health service for USMB students

The student health service is present on the 3 campuses of the USMB. It is open to students registered at the USMB and consultations are free of charge .

Depending on their needs, students can consult :

  • a nurse
  • a doctor
  • a psychologist
  • a social worker

A secretariat is available to make appointments. The confidentiality of interviews is guaranteed by professional secrecy.

The student health service is not a health centre. The doctors in this service cannot therefore be attending physicians.

Missions, assistance, contacts, meetings

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Disability situations

For any disability situation requiring a study or examination adjustment, students must contact the secretariat of the student health service on their campus before 15 October of the current academic year.

After this date and in the event of an accident or illness that could disrupt their studies, students must contact the student health service as soon as possible.

Find out more about disability management at the USMB