Community and civic life

The numerous student associations actively contribute to the animation of student life on the 3 campuses of the USMB. Cultural, sporting, civic or even solidarity-based, there is something for everyone!

Each student can join an association or set up his or her own project.

Support for associations

The Student and Campus Life Service is present on each of the 3 campuses to help you develop and carry out your associative projects. It helps you create your association and make it sustainable, provides information on administrative procedures and supports you in organizing events.

Do not hesitate to contact them: / 04 79 75 94 15

TheUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc encourages and supports student associations. To allow the development and the activities of its associations, it established the charter of labeling that the labeled student associations commit themselves to respect. The label, a guarantee of quality, allows student associations to access services or funding (FSDIE) allowing them to carry out their actions.

The labeling is a procedure to be renewed every year (dates of the FSDIE campaigns):

The Fonds de Solidarit√© et de D√©veloppement des Initiatives √Čtudiantes (FSDIE) , which is financed by the CVEC, allows for the subsidization of projects and actions for associations with the USMB label.

Four FSDIE campaigns are held each year during which you can submit your grant applications:

1st campaign 2nd
3rd campaign 4th campaign
Deadline for submission of applications October 17, 2022 November 14, 2022 February 13, 2023 May 22, 2023
Campus Life Committee October 27, 2022 November 24, 2022 February 23, 2023 June 1, 2023

Make sure you meet the deadlines for your file to be processed!

Elements to design your file

  1. Criteria for awarding grants to student associations
  2. Procedure for submitting a grant application to the FSDIE
  3. FSDIE grant application form to be completed (pdf) or in word format
  4. Call for projects FSDIE Calendar

After the project

You must provide a moral and financial report on your project within two months of the activity financed under this project. This report must be based on the proposed model and accompanied by the main supporting invoices.

The law of 1901 defines an association as "a convention by which two or more persons put in common, in a permanent way, their knowledge or their activity for a purpose other than to share profits". To create your association, you need to be at least two adults, united around a non-profit project.

Once the students have agreed on the purpose of their association, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Draft the statutes of the association
  • Declare the association to the prefecture: the process is done online.
  • Take the following steps (open a bank account / take out insurance)

The SVEC will be able to assist you in the creation and provide you with resource documents to facilitate your steps.

For more information:

Student associations can organize events on campus.

USMB internal event:

  • For simple events such as meetings or academics, which take place during the opening periods of the buildings and do not require a request for additional equipment from the Operations and Heritage Department (SEP), the request for a simple event must be filled out, along with the safety instructions signed by the safety referent, one week before the date, and sent to the SVEC
  • For events that include a meal and/or require additional equipment and/or take place outside of the building's opening hours, the request for an exceptional event must be filled out online, at least 3 weeks before the date of the event. The application form is also available on the University's intranet.

Non-USMB event:


The Student Health Service offers you a prevention and risk reduction device for your festive events: The "SAFE Pack".
Contact the Student Health Service for more information:

Throughout the year, the SVEC offers training courses for student associations.

Directory of certified associations

TheUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc encourages and supports student associations. To this end, it has established the present Charter that the labeled student associations commit themselves to respect. Please contact the SVEC for further information about the "Label Université Savoie Mont Blanc".

For the year 2022-2023, 56 associations have already been labeled USMB!

Find them in the directory below:

AS USMB Bourget / Jacob / Annecy @asusmb
Fiber Gliss Bourget / Jacob @fibergliss
Rebellious Vegetables and Crates Bourget / Jacob @greensandcagetterebelles
ACUA Annecy @associationacua
AMUA Annecy @asso.amua
Enjoy Safe Annecy
Vegetables and Cagette Rebelles Annecy @lcr.annecy
Polybot Annecy @polybotannecy
Blairoudeurs Bourget @blairoudeurs.chambery
Gaco Crescendo Bourget @gaco_crescendo
Sand Brothers Bourget @sand_brothers
Univert Bourget @univert73
Anima Martialis Jacob @anima_martialis
Amnesty Youth Chapter Jacob @amnesty.usmb
Fac Musique Jacob @facmusique
TRUC Jacob @truc.chambery


AJES Jacob @ajesdroitchambery
THE YIT Annecy
Juris'entreprise Jacob @asso_jurisentreprise
M2DJ Jacob



CFIA Jacob
BDE History Jacob @bde.history.jacob
PSY CHY Jacob @asso_psychy
Reds Socs Jacob


Annecy University Institute of Technology

ATC Annecy @bde_heatwaves
BDE Social Career Annecy @bde_cs
BDE GEA Annecy @bde_goldeneagles
BDE GEI ARELEC Annecy @bde_gei_annecy
BDE Mesphysto Annecy @mph_iut_annecy
BDE QLIO Annecy @bde_saturnup
BDE R&T Annecy @bde_rt_annecy
Inter BDE Annecy @interbde
R&T Lab Annecy association.labor&
Promeca Annecy @innov_gmp_annecy



BDE IAE Annecy Annecy @bde_iae
The Cafet Jacob @la_cafet_du_truc
Guipsi Annecy
BDE HYSCOM Jacob @hyscom.bde
World tour on the carousel Jacob @tourdumonde.aumanege


Jacob @cithemelasso

IUT Chambéry

BDE Civil Engineering Alpha Léo Bourget @geniecivilbde
DUT FREE Bourget
Elyria Bourget @elyria_iut_chambery
IBICH - Inter BDE IUT Bourget @bdeiutchambery
Genius & Co - BDE GACO Bourget @geniusandco
Pack is Back Bourget



AGEOX Bourget @associationageox
BDE MPC - La Banquise Bourget @bde.mpc.usmb
BEAPS Bourget @beaps_staps_chambery
EISPRI-STIC Bourget @eispri.stic
Prism Bourget
US Biology Bourget @us.biology



BDE Polytech Annecy-Chambéry Annecy / Chambéry @bde_polytech_annecy_chambery
Fisa House Chambery @fisahouse
Junior Annecy / Chambery @juniorpolytechannecychambery

Civic life

A student, registered atuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc, is entitled to request recognition of his or her skills, knowledge or abilities related to the degree being studied and acquired through personal commitment.

Student Vice President

Presentation of the student vice-president