The Sports Department

The Sports Service of the Savoie Mont-Blanc University (SUAPS)
offers sports activities to the students and staff of the Savoie Mont-Blanc University.

You can follow the lessons for your personal leisure time or do sports at academics ( allows you to obtain ECTS ).

Throughout the year you will have the opportunity to go on outdoor outings supervised by Suaps teachers (hiking, alpine skiing, via ferrata, climbing ...) but also courses over several days (kayaking, sailing, tennis ...) and also sports nights (night of volleyball, badminton, handball).

The practice of a Sporting and Artistic Physical Activity (APSA) at SUAPS aims at the development of the student in its different dimensions.
At SUAPS, sports activities are part of a logic of academics known as "qualifying" with the obtaining of ECTS/bonus or academics "personal", without validation of ECTS.

APSAs are present in the academics of students in the form of optional ECs (in most components) or bonuses (IUTs).
The sport option allows to validate 1 to 2 ECTS according to the components and is presented as follows
choice of 1 or 2 different APSAs (depending on the course of study) for 12 weeks.
1 APSA = between 18H and 24H of sports practice for the student