High level sportsmen and women

Are you a High Level Sportsperson (SHN) and not part of a sport-study section?

The Savoie Mont-Blanc University allows you to combine your university studies with your sporting career, whatever your choice of academics.

It has set up an individualised support system for SHN defined by a SHN Student Charter.

How to obtain SHN status for the start of the 2023-2024 academic year

To benefit from the SHN status at the USMB, you must your administrative registration, fill in the application form for SHN status at the USMB below:

Application for SHN 2023-2024 status (to be completed before the start of the academic year, by early September at the latest):

USMB SHN referent teacher : Mr jean-baptiste Evrot : jean-baptiste.evrot@univ-smb.fr

SHN Secretariat: secretariat-shn.sds@univ-smb.fr

Teacher in charge of the SHN of the STAPS course: Mr Yannick Duby: yannick.duby@univ-smb.fr

Secretariat SHN Staps: secretariat-Shn.Staps@univ-smb.fr


Application deadline: Friday, September 15, 2023

If your application is accepted, your presence will be mandatory at the information and validation meeting of the statutes in order to get your SHN contract (date and place communicated later).


General functioning of the SHN status at the USMB

Any student at the USMB can benefit from the individualised support system for SHN, whatever the university course of study (except for the sports study sections).

There are two lists of high-level athletes at the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc, with specific arrangements:

List A (main list):

it brings together:

a) Athletes included in the list of high-level athletes (Elite, Senior, Relève) drawn up by the Ministry of Sport;
b) Athletes registered on the " Espoirs " list drawn up by the Ministry of Sport;
c) Athletes registered on the list of " national teams " drawn up by the Ministry of Sport;
d) Athletes who are not on the ministerial lists and who belong to training structures of the federal performance project validated by the Ministry of Sports and the DRDJSCS Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.
e) Athletes belonging to a academics centre of a professional club and benefiting from a academics agreement provided for in article L. 211-5 of the sports code;
f) judges and referees registered on the high-level list drawn up by the Ministry of Sport.

Baptiste Jouty - SHN Biathlon

List B (complementary):

it brings together all athletes meeting the criteria for admission to the supplementary list, defined by sports discipline on the following document :

Admission criteria SHN complementary list 2023 2024 USMB


Eugénie Berthet - SHN Football

Status and contract NHS :

Your NHS status at the USMB (main or complementary list) will be issued after study of the files by the commission (beginning of September) of each academic year. An annual contract defining your rights and duties as an NHS at the USMB will be issued to you if your NHS status is accepted.

The contract will be signed:

  • by the student,
  • by the SHN correspondent of your branch or department
  • by the USMB's NHS referent ( or NHS STAPS officer )
  • by the President of the USMB

Possible arrangements for NHSs :

SHN students registered on the main list (List A) can benefit from the following

  • individualised teacher tutoring (a teacher from the stream is the referent for the student's pedagogical support),
  • the staggering of the duration of the course,
  • the adjustment of the examination schedule,
  • of note-takers,
  • Teacher support (tutoring by a teacher),
  • student tutoring (tutoring carried out by a student),
  • of a waiver of attendance,
  • the change of tutorial and practical work groups,
  • the validation of the sport option (SDS) on its NHS* status,
  • access to university sports facilities (weight rooms) in accordance with the regulations of the said facilities**.

SHN students on the complementary list (list B) can benefit from

  • a waiver of attendance (adapted to the academics followed);
  • a change of tutorial and practical group ;
  • the validation of the sport option (SUAPS) on its NHS* status;
  • access to university sports facilities (weight rooms) in accordance with the regulations of the said facilities**.

*SHN and academics qualifying:

You have the possibility to validate one or more ECTS at the USMB Sports Department.

As an NHS you are not required to attend a USMB Sports Service course to validate your sports option (ECTS or bonus).

However, you must register from September 11, 2023 on the USMB sports service website in the activity : SHN : sport option

The rating rules for the SHN sport option

Registration is by semester, so if you need a grade in the second semester, you'll have to go through the same process again from the beginning of January 2024.

**Provision of a weight room

Top-level sportsmen and women have privileged access to the Emile Allais gymnasium on the Le Bourget campus, the Sports Hall on the Jacob campus and the Annecy IUT on the Annecy-le-Vieux campus. After registering on the following link :

SHN access to sports facilities

As an NHS, you will be able to access the rooms during the hours of independent practice but also during the opening hours of the gym outside of class hours.

Please note: You must respect the internal rules and regulations and in particular the prohibition to practice alone. The use of the free bars cannot be done during the independent practice slots (slots also open to non SHN students). Access to the weight room must be done in pairs.

For safety reasons, no practice alone can be tolerated.





Christophe Lemaître - Rio 2016 Olympic Games


Duties of the NHS:

The status of high level student athlete requires all students to :

  • be actively involved in the success of his university project. With this in mind, the student undertakes, in particular, to provide any new information relating to his or her sports practice that is likely to have an impact on the follow-up and success of his or her studies (changes in training load, internships, competition schedule, injuries, etc.) ;
  • follow the curriculum defined in the project and attend the controls provided for in the contract;
  • respond to any summons from his year leader or the NHS correspondent, to report on the progress of his studies;
  • to represent and promote the image of the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc at various events, university competitions or any other request;
  • use the university's sports facilities in accordance with the rules and regulations of those facilities.

    Failure by the student to respect his or her commitments or the annual SHN contract will lead to the abrogation of the status by decision of the President of the University after advice from the referent teacher and the SHN correspondent. The abrogation of the status shall lead to the termination of the annual NHS contract and the removal of the arrangements attached to it.

Some portraits of SHN students at the USMB

The list of SHN students at the USMB