Means to achieve the objectives

Research to improve the offer of academics through a diversified programming of PSA.

List of PSAs selected for the qualifying academics :

  • Bodyform
  • Bodysculpt
  • Athletics
  • Rowing
  • Badminton
  • Basketball
  • Crosstraining
  • Modern Dance
  • Couple Dance
  • Hip-hop dance
  • Climbing
  • Fencing
  • Feldenkrais
  • Football
  • Futsal
  • Fitness
  • Trampoline gym
  • Hand ball
  • Judo
  • Kayak
  • Training boxing
  • Swimming
  • Ice Hockey
  • PPG (general physical preparation)
  • Qi gong
  • Sports raid
  • Rugby
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga
  • Zumba

List of PSAs selected for the personal academics :

  • Canyoning
  • Hiking
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Snowboard
  • Via ferrata
  • Cliff Climbing
  • Sailing
  • Paddle
  • Mindfulness



  1. Chambéry site
  • Halles des sports de Jacob et du Bourget (Espace Emile Allais)
  • Additional rooms: dance halls, weight rooms, climbing walls (Jacob and Espace E. Allais), combat room (Espace E. Allais).
  • Le Bourget synthetic football field
  • La Palestre Gymnasium
  • Municipal swimming pool of Buisson Rond
  • Mager playground (football and rugby)
  • Charrière Neuve Stadium track and field
  • Lake Bourget
  • La Féclaz cross-country ski trails

2. Annecy site

  • Halle du Bray
  • Gymnasium des Glaisins
  • Evire Gymnasium
  • Albigny Stadium
  • Walloon Gymnasium
  • Gymnase des Pommaries
  • Weight room in Albigny and Annecy stadium
  • Plateau des Glières
  • Lake Annecy
  • Saint Martin de Bellevue and Talloires

The administrative team is composed of : Claire ADILI and Isabelle PASSOT, at the secretariat of the SUAPS bât.16 in Jacob or E.Allais in Le Bourget, and Yaele CHABERT, administrative manager.
The teaching team is made up of 7 teachers: Françoise DUCOEUR (Director of the department), Gwenaël MASSON-SCHAEFFER, Olivier FRESCHI, Michel VERGER, Olivier BOUTHENET, Romuald BIRRAUX and Jean-Baptiste EVROT and Vincent DANIERE (Annecy site)
Several part-time teachers (state-qualified or PE teachers) also work at the SUAPS.


Practice of PSAs with compulsory participation in a teaching cycle in 1 or 2 PSAs over 1 semester


The objective is to facilitate the reception of high level sportsmen and women students to allow them to combine their studies with their sports career.
The SUAPS is the interface between the sports world and the University (cf. the "Charter for the reception of high level sportsmen and women" submitted to the CEVU on 30/10/2001)
Jean-Baptiste Evrot, is the SHN referent for all the courses of study except for staps.

The geographical location of our University favours the discovery and optimisation of nature sites in the following two directions:

  • the teaching of Outdoor Physical Activities (APPN) through regular cycles
  • punctual animation on weekends or during short training courses

The activities of skiing, mountain hiking, rock climbing, via ferrata, canoeing and rowing are particularly developed
( cf. the programme of activities/courses for the year 2019-2020 on the website )

This analysis, which is a prerequisite to any teaching, allows us to make the PSAs "teachable", to help students to appropriate them.
The USMB Sports Department offers more than forty activities, some of which we present in the "activity details" section, i.e. how to teach them in the particular context of the USMB.