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The practice of Physical, Sporting and Artistic Activities, at degree level, aims at the development of the student in its different dimensions. Integrating but going beyond the functions of relaxation, socially recognised sports practices are therefore part of a formative logic whether in academics qualifying (FQ) or academics personal (FP).
The objective of teaching PASS is to train :

  • a student, physically and socially independent
  • a person capable of integrating professionally into a changing society
  • a student suitable for further study

To achieve these objectives, the teaching of APSAs at the university is based on the development of original skills such as sports culture and prevention, management and optimisation of health, but also on transversal skills that it reinforces, such as sociability, methodology, self-knowledge, assumption of responsibility, etc.

Finally, the practice of APSAs allows young people to improve, among other things, their self-control, their spirit of initiative, their ability to cooperate, to persevere, to adapt, all qualities that prove to facilitate integration into the world of work*.

* Cf. the work of N. Eber on "La pratique sportive comme capital humain" in Revue juridique du sport
n° 65 and Revue EPS n° 293 : " Sport et études sont-ils compatibles ?