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Personal climbing

Ever higher

Climbing is an outdoor physical activity in which the climber performs l'climbing rock faces (or similar), with the aim of aim is to reach the top of the route.


12 sessions/semester

- All equipment is on loan, including slippers, but please bring your own.
- There's no "free" practice, and classes are structured along the following lines:
warm-up together, work on safety, confidence-building, motor skills, route management, commitment, depending on your level.
- Free chalk is FORBIDDEN, but balls and liquid chalk are permitted.

- Safely climb routes and boulders with different profiles, requiring a variety of motor skills, at your maximum level, using top-roping, top-roping or lead climbing for routes.
- Plan and manage your progress as effectively as possible: read the route, the boulder, identify the stages, the rhythm, the movements, the SMBs, the final pit, the coordinations.
- Know your maximum level and commit to the route or boulders without exposing yourself, remaining focused until the end of the itinerary.
- Know how to warm up to successfully complete routes or boulders within your max or infra level.
- Use appropriate techniques to ensure your own and your climber's safety, whatever the climbing method (top-roping, top-roping, lead climbing, bouldering parrying).