The steps of the VAPP

Step 1: define your project

Consult our offer of academics or the component websites and identify the academics for which you wish to submit a VAPP application. Then take part in one of our VAPP information meetings organised on the university sites of Annecy, Chambéry and Annemasse. Your participation is compulsory before submitting your application.

Free of charge and open to all, these VAPP information meetings are imperative to help you understand precisely the conditions, steps, support procedures, financing and timetables specific to the VAPP scheme.

Step 2: Creation of the administrative file and commitment

Contact us for an administrative file and a quote:

Return this file with a letter of motivation, curriculum vitae and signed quote at least three months before the VAPP commission.

This step marks your commitment to the process.

On receipt, the VAPP department will examine the administrative feasibility of your application.

Step 3: pedagogical feasibility study

After obtaining your favourable administrative feasibility opinion, the VAPP service will request a study of the pedagogical feasibility of your VAPP.

This study is carried out by the teacher in charge of academics based on your CV and cover letter.

This teacher studies the strong/weak points for resumption of studies.

You can be solicited directly by him to discuss your application by email, telephone, meeting, on your application.

Step 4: Presentation of your project to the VAPP Committee

Once the pedagogical feasibility has been validated, the VAPP commission will meet to study your project. Your presence is optional.

This commission determines whether you have acquired the skills and knowledge required to register on the academics .

The committee states:

  • Either a favorable opinion: you are authorized to register in the academics referred to in the tariff of the academics continuous professional.
  • Either an unfavourable opinion: access to academics is denied. New orientations towards other training courses may be suggested.

Please note: The VAPP does not exempt you from completing the application file for the academics. You must therefore, in parallel with the VAPP, complete the application file in accordance with the procedures indicated on the website of the desired academics and within the time limits set.

Financing your VAPP at theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc

Cost of a VAPP: 200 € / It includes :

  • 100 € : Commitment and feasibility
  • 100 € : Commission fee

The cost of the VAPP does not include the entry fee to academics (at the academics continuous professional rate). These fees will be payable when you register at the relevant academics after acceptance of your VAPP.

Depending on your status, your VAPP can be partially or fully funded.
Contact us for more information. FOR MORE INFORMATION:

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