Continuing academics Professional Enrolment

Registration process for an adult returning to study at academics Université Savoie Mont Blanc

The 4 steps of the enrolment process for an adult returning to study at academics Continuing Professional Education atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc : 1. Selection of academics > 2. Method of financing the cost of the academics > 3. Registration atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc > 4. Administrative and financial follow-up

academics initial and academics ongoing professional

The initial academics covers all primary, secondary and higher education as well as apprenticeship, as long as there has been no interruption of more than one year. It should be linked to compulsory schooling: from the age of 6 to 16, schooling is compulsory, although today most young people continue their studies after the age of 16.

The academics continuous professional is aimed at all persons, employees or job seekers, with or without qualifications, who have left the school system. It allows them to resume or continue their studies to obtain a professional certification, to improve their skills, to upgrade their knowledge, to adapt to the workplace...



  • Send the application 15 days before the start of the academics.


  • If you do not have the required diploma, you can access academics through the Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP): See our dedicated page.