The academics according to theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc

The USMB University Institute of academics offers training courses adapted to working professionals or those undergoing retraining. AtUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc, it is possible to take a one-day course, a module or a diploma.

The development of the skills of employees and job seekersas well as meeting the needs of companies are the priority missions of the IUFP. If all the USMB diplomas are accessible through academics , the IUFP is also developing a range ofspecific, modular and capitalizable training courses in line with the needs of companies and covering several fields: communication, digital marketing, real estate, project management, etc. These cross-cutting themes are sought after by companies and the USMB IUFP keeps a specific watch in order to constantly adapt content and methods to the needs of the company. The educational programmes are developed by teams of teacher-researchers, experts, consultants and senior company executives, all specialists in the topics covered.