Our commitment to quality

Université Savoie Mont Blanc is committed to continuous improvement in quality and progress.

Université Savoie Mont Blanc is committed to the quality of its academics actions with its partners, prescribing organizations and funders. The present charters certify thatUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc meets international and national regulatory requirements, in particular those of the decree of June 30, 2015 relating to the "quality of continuing professional academics actions". To demonstrate its ability to deliver quality training,Université Savoie Mont Blanc has obtained two certifications:

These certifications have been issued by an independent third party (Bureau Veritas Certification) and are valid for the 3 university campuses ofUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc : Annecy, Bourget-du-Lac, Jacob-Bellecombette/Chambéry.

Areas of application :

  • National diplomas
  • University diplomas
  • Non-certifying courses
  • Back to school support
  • Validation of prior learning (VAE, VAPP, VES)

TheUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB) commits to :

Informing, welcoming, guiding and supporting candidates at academics :

The USMB provides information on the services on offer and financing arrangements in the following areas: work-study, academics leading to a diploma, academics not leading to certification, resumption of studies and validation of prior learning. Particular attention is paid to physical reception on all sites, including for people with disabilities (link).

Guidance in line with the candidate's expectations is provided either directly by the academics Professional department, or through the intermediary of internal or external guidance providers.

The definition of the service is the subject of a clear and systematic contract with the customer (funder, prescriber, individual). It guarantees follow-up at academics, specific support for people who are unable to attend, the issue of attendance and completion certificates at academics , and invoicing for services actually provided.

Maintain contact with former trainees after the service:

USMB maintains relations with alumni to identify their needs and invites them to take part in events or training courses.

Rely on competent staff and high-performance resources:

The USMB provides the human resources required for its services. It verifies the competence of internal and external contributors in relation to training needs. It relies on trained and qualified administrative staff.

The USMB ensures the performance of the technical resources (premises and equipment) and teaching resources (teaching aids) necessary for the quality of its services.

Supporting academics managers and service providers:

The USMB offers engineering support to academics managers and lecturers at academics . It provides a precise framework for intervention and distributes the information needed to ensure that their services are provided under the best possible conditions.

The USMB communicates the results of the satisfaction assessment corresponding to their services.

Offering tailored services to partners:

The USMB provides partners with an access path on the website and a specific contact for accessing information.

Based on the project and expectations, we propose a "made-to-measure" service, accompanied by an educational and financial estimate.

USMB relies on its relationships with external partners to validate academics needs and develop its services accordingly.

Continuous performance improvement:

To ensure the quality of its services, the USMB defines and communicates its strategy (policy, action plan and priorities) in line with the establishment contract, and ensures its implementation and measures its impact.

In order to continuously improve its services, the USMB systematically conducts customer satisfaction surveys, records and processes any complaints, and annually assesses its level of performance by monitoring a number of indicators.

To coordinate the department's quality approach, an internal quality referent has been appointed: aurelie.histilloles@univ-smb.fr