Validation of Higher Education (VES)

Step 1: Define your project

The validation of higher education studies (VES) enables a candidate toobtain all or part of a diploma awarded in the name of the State by a higher education establishment, through the validation of higher education studies previously completed in France or abroad, in a public or private establishment or organization of academics , whatever the modalities, duration and mode of sanction.

Take a look at our offer of academics or the component websites and identify the academics for which you wish to submit a VES application.

To help you identify the certification you may be aiming for, you can call on the following services Conseil en Evolution Professionnelle.

Step 2: Administrative file and commitment

Contact us for a VES application form and a quote.

Return this file with your cover letter, curriculum vitae, signed quotation and a cheque for 150€.

This step marks your commitment to the process.

On receipt, the department will examine the administrative feasibility of your request.

Step 3: Educational feasibility study

Once you have obtained a positive administrative feasibility opinion, the department will request a study of the pedagogical feasibility of your VES.

This study is carried out by the teacher in charge of academics , based on your CV and cover letter.

This teacher studies the strengths/weaknesses for full or partial graduation.

They may contact you directly to discuss your application by e-mail, telephone or in person.

Step 4: Presenting your project to a jury

Once pedagogical feasibility has been validated, you will be invited to appear before a VES jury made up of teachers.

This assembly determines whether you have acquired the skills and knowledge required to obtain the certification in question.

The jury pronounces :

  • Or full validation: you receive your diploma.
  • Or partial validation: you have not acquired all the ECTS for the certification and will have to obtain them through additional work.
  • Or a refusal to validate: you may be offered new orientations towards other training courses.

VES pricing and financing

The total cost of the VES atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc is €450, broken down as follows:

Eligibility / commitment fees 150 €
Jury fees 300 €
Total cost VES 450 €
Registration fees Ministerial right of the diploma concerned

This fee does not include the diploma registration fee or any costs for academics or additional work required to resume studies in the event of partial validation.

If you are an employee, you can ask your employer to pay for the VES.

Information on registration and tuition fees academics

The cost of the VES service atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc is payable regardless of the jury's decision (refusal to validate, partial validation, full validation).

This price does not include registration fees or any charges from academics.

The registration fee is payable after the interview with the jury, when you submit your application toUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc.

After partial validation of the diploma, candidates wishing to enroll at the University to obtain the missing units will have to pay a fee of academics, in addition to the amount of the VES and enrolment fees, calculated in proportion to the missing units.

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