The IUFP spirit

The University Institute of academics offers each individual the opportunity, throughout his or her life, to acquire knowledge, qualifications and skills to evolve in a constantly changing world. The academics is a personal, civic, social and professional investment that promotes the employability and fulfilment of each individual.

The IUFP aims to encourage personal and professional development at all ages, to secure career paths, to enable mobility and to develop skills in the service of the company, by means of an adapted academics of high quality and innovative means.

The institute is conceived as a "Living Lab", a unique physical, virtual and digital place for the co-development of professional academics programs with the socio-economic actors of the territory.

With the support of fully dedicated qualified staff, it designs, produces and coordinates innovative training courses in the University's 4 areas of expertise, which are also identified as areas of excellence in the Savoie Mont Blanc region: Mechatronics, Building/Energy, Sports/Mountain/Tourism and Image/Digital.

It welcomes and accompanies employees of companies/organisations, job seekers and other "adult" groups in their reconversion, professional evolution towards new professions or new responsibilities, mobility, reintegration, etc.

The IUFP can also offer company VAE actions (Validation of Acquired Skills and Experience) with the setting up of a academics course specific to a company.

These hybrid courses combining the enhancement of experience and the development of new skills serve both the need for certification of individuals and the objective of professionalising teams for companies.


  • Bringing knowledge to all and throughout life.
  • To meet the challenges of tomorrow by training for the professions and sectors of the future.


  • Accompanying the players in their performance.


  • The IUFP has a role as a citizen institute of the world of tomorrow, with a strong environmental awareness, inherent to its location.
  • Its membership of Université Savoie Mont Blanc enables it to federate and bring together a rich ecosystem at the service of individuals and companies.


  • Adaptability
  • Commitment
  • Opening
  • Success