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According to a Gartner study, half of the world's companies will need to use professional services to manage IT risk. The explosion in the number of connected objects within the company (BYOD) is highlighting a large number of security flaws, in addition to a growing number of cyber-attacks on corporate or even private IS. The implementation of the RGPD (European Data Protection Regulation), by obliging companies to secure their data, will also lead to an even greater demand for security experts.

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Period: September 2023 > May 2024 (approx. 3 days/month)



  • To master the methods and tools to fight cybercrime.
  • Identifying and repairing information system flaws.
  • Learn how to deal with issues related to the areas of digital security.
  • Auditing and designing secure IS.
  • Develop and supervise a security information system.
  • Define a risk management strategy and policy.


  • Spread out over several years, in any order you like.
  • Or grouped over a calendar year, from September to May.
    The hourly volume of this academics is 175 hours organised over 25 days with 3 days per month in a row.

MODULES 1: IS security issues - 1 day

  • Understand the motivations and the need for information systems (IS) security.

MODULES 2: System Security (Backup/antivirus/cloud/update server/etc.) - 5 days

  • Know the techniques for securing an IS, partially or completely outsourced.
  • Implementation of a backup plan (outsourcing of backups), notions of DRP, RPO RTO.
  • Implementation of a WSUS to keep servers and workstations up to date (validate updates before deployment).
  • Implementation of antivirus systems with update on prem and cloud.
  • Cloud solutions / storage security and MFA authentication for cloud access and premise.
  • To know the stakes of SAAS PAAS applications.
  • How to choose the right service provider.

MODULES 3: Cryptographic systems, trusted infrastructures and implementation - 3 days

  • Encrypt/decrypt, electronically sign a file.
  • Install, configure, maintain a PKI in a Windows environment.
  • Install certificates on a Web server or VPN client/server in a Unix environment.

MODULES 4: Communication and legal aspects of cyber security, academics and regulations (LPM, LCEN, NIS, RGPD, OIV, OSE, charter, pedagogy, internal awareness, good practices, etc.) - 2.5 days

  • Understand and comply with the legal obligations in terms of data protection and security of information systems (Military Programming Law, Law for Confidence in the Digital Economy, Network and Information Security Directive, General Regulations on Data Protection).
  • Recognize the different cyber security offences.
  • Put in place measures and best practices to prevent and respond to cyber attacks.

MODULES 5: Infrastructure safety and passing the Stormshield CSNA professional certification included in the module. 3.5 days

Stomshield certification is listed in the Inventory of the National Commission for Professional Certification (file 2870: The CSNA Stomshield is labelled SecNumEdu-FC by the ANSSI".

  • Get to know an SNS firewall and how it works.
  • Configuring a firewall in a network.
  • Define and implement filtering and routing policies.
  • Setting up proxies.
  • Configure authentication policies.
  • Set up different types of virtual private networks (IPSec VPN and SSL VPN).
  • Securing nomadic access and linked to BYOD (Bring your Own Devices).

MODULES 6: Attacks and investigation reports; typology, analysis, investigation and implementation (pentesting / forensic) - 5 days

  • Define an intrusion test.
  • Master the different types of attacks.
  • Select a type of intrusion test as required.
  • Scan for vulnerabilities in a computer system.
  • Perform an intrusion test.
  • Use intrusion testing tools.
  • Propose corrective solutions.
  • Write and submit a penetration test report.

MODULES 7: Security Audit - 3 days

  • Know the main ISO standards in the field of security (ISO 27.001, ISO 27.002).
  • Know the methods of risk analysis ISO 27.005, EBIOS.
  • Know an IS security audit methodology based on the ISO 19.011 standard.
  • Identify the main security risks of an organization.
  • Formalize findings and recommendations.

MODULES 8: End of studies project - 2 days

  • Implementation of an end-of-study project.
  • Individual defense.


This academics is aimed at all people, employees or job seekers, with a Bac + 2 or equivalent.
IS directors/project managers, information systems managers, ISRs, R&D engineers, technical consultants, security consultants, etc.


  • Bac+2 years in the IT sector or significant experience in infra networks and systems.
  • CV+letter explaining the candidate's motivations.


  • Send the application 15 days before the start of the academics.


  • If you do not have the required diploma, you can access academics through the Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP): See our dedicated page.



  • Free registration for the module or the complete cycle.
  • Rhythm of the academics specially arranged to allow the continuation of the professional activity.
  • Active pedagogy, alternating theoretical contributions and practical situations.
  • Complementarity of profiles within the promotion and richness of exchanges.
  • Professional recognition issued by Stormshield (Certified Stormshield Network Administrator, CSNA) to candidates scoring more than 70% on the CSNA exam (as part of Module 5).
  • Module of academics labeled SecNumEdu-FC by the ANSSI (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems).


  • Evaluation of the project at the end of DU (defense).
  • The awarding of the diploma is conditional on the complete follow-up of the course at academics (possible capitalisation of module attendance for validation in several years, depending on the life span of the DU) and on obtaining a mark of 10/20 or more for the project.


Université Savoie Mont Blanc
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  • Full degree course (175 h): €4,200 (€24/hour - rate with financing)
  • Individual financing: contact us via the form at the bottom of this page

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