academics Diploma in Real Estate Negotiation IUFP Annecy Haute Savoie

University Diploma and Certificate in Real Estate: Real Estate Negotiation and Management (CPF Eligible)

This course enables the validation of skills by obtaining a University Diploma from the University Institute of academics and a CCI Négoventis certification:



  • Estimate a property by taking into account the constraints of the market and the different valuation methods.
  • Propose a property by taking a mandate and promoting it.
  • Prepare and draft the pre-contracts in the sale or lease to finalize the transaction.
  • Guarantee and secure the sale or rental in compliance with the regulations in force.
  • To respect the obligations to provide advice to safeguard the interests of the parties.
  • To take into account the town planning rules to advise the client seller or buyer.
  • Advising the client in matters of wealth, taxation and financing in order to accompany him in his project in an optimised way.


  • Appropriate the main principles and the environment of the profession.
  • Know how to communicate in trustee and rental management.
  • Learn about management tools and methods.
  • Know how to develop a portfolio of rental management or trustee effectively.


  • Free registration for the module or the complete course (common core + one option)
  • Rhythm of the academics specially arranged to allow the continuation of the professional activity. (1 to 2 days of academics per week)
  • Complementarity of profiles within the promotion and richness of exchanges.
  • In accordance with the academics obligation for real estate professionals under the Alur law (14h/year), the modules are therefore perfectly suited to the renewal of the real estate agent's professional card.
  • Double validation of skills by a Negoventis certification and a University Diploma ( DU).

NEGOVENTIS certification:

NEGOVENTIS is a national network of 100 Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI) led by CCI France. It offers training and certification in commercial professions throughout life, for all publics.

Written evaluation of the core competences in the form of MCQs lasting 45 minutes
Oral evaluation of a real estate sale situation
Preparation for the oral, 20 minutes
Performance of the oral, 10 minutes
Questions and answers, 10 minutes
Certification is awarded if the candidate obtains an average of 10/20 on the 2 tests. The 2 tests are compensated for each other.

University Diploma of theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc :

The awarding of the diploma is conditioned by :

The complete completion of the course of academics
An overall average of at least 10/20


Module 1: Marketing and economics of real estate - 10.5 hours 

  • Classification of needs
  • The motivations behind market behaviour
  • The brakes
  • Property purchase decision processes
  • Actors in the process
  • The influences
  • Market trends and reasons for variations

Module 2: Integrating the technical and legal aspects of the transaction - 14 hours 

  • Professional deontology
  • Contractual obligations
  • Diagnostics
  • Urbanism
  • Taxation of owner-occupiers

Module 3: Drafting context-sensitive mandates - 7 hours

  • The mandate: selling the agency's or firm's service
  • The different mandates
  • The life of the mandate
  • Customer loyalty

Module 4: Creating appropriate marketing materials for properties in compliance with regulations - 7 hours 

  • The different real estate promotion supports
  • Target and strategy
  • Advertisement design
  • Basic Principles of Photography
  • Image processing

Module 5: Advising, preparing and drafting a sales contract - 7 hours

  • The contract of sale
  • Common rules for pre-contracts
  • The Unilateral Promise to Sell (PUV)
  • The synallagmatic promise to sell (PSV)
  • Elements relating to the sale of a condominium lot

Module 6: Advising, preparing and drafting a residential lease contract - 10.5 hours

  • Preparing a tenant file by carrying out the necessary legal verifications
  • Drafting of the lease and preparation of the tenant file
  • Limitations on the rights of the lessor
  • The guarantees of the lease
  • Renewal and end of contract
  • Focus on planned legislative developments and legal watch techniques

Module 7: Estimating a property and defining the marketing price - 14 hours 

  • Discovering the property and the seller: the necessary documents
  • The visit and discovery of the property
  • Estimation: recognised estimation methods and weighting elements
  • Presentation of the value opinion
  • Construction of the value opinion file
  • Argumentation and justification of the value opinion

Module 8: Drawing up a financing plan - 14 hours 

  • Analysis of the client's situation
  • The financial capacity of the candidate for rental
  • Calculation of the borrowing capacity of the acquiring customer
  • Tax arrangements for real estate

Module 9: Advanced sales techniques - 14 hours 

  • Implementation of different sales techniques to sell a project and to improve it
  • Work on oral and presentation posture
  • Work on money, power and recognition
  • Meet the customer's needs, not their own


Module 1 - Investment and taxation of real estate - 7 hours

Module 2 - Trustee - 14 hours 

Module 3 - Business development strategies (management and trade union) - 7 hours


Candidates must have at least one year's professional experience in the commercial field.
Hold a bachelor's degree or equivalent.

Employees, job seekers.


  • Rental property manager, trustee manager and related trades.
  • Any profession providing assistance to the real estate industry.
  • Other professions related to real estate: management assistant in an agency, real estate development company or appraisal company.


  • Send the application 15 days before the start of the academics.


  • If you do not have the required diploma, you can access academics through the Validation of Personal and Professional Experience (VAPP): See our dedicated page.



Number of days: 18.5
Number of hours: 130.00
Location : University Institute academics Professional 9 Rue de l'Arc en Ciel, 74940 Annecy
Access time: 48 hours, working days before the starting date of the academics.


Annecy-le-Vieux University Campus
Annecy IUT building
9 rue de l'Arc-en-Ciel
Annecy-le-Vieux 74940 ANNECY.
Some modules are taught in Annemasse.


Price net of tax: €3,780.00
The complete certification course (126 h): 3780€ net of VAT

This academics is registered in the specific directory and can be financed in the framework of the CPF.