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Alternatives Humanitaires

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Alternatives Humanitaires is a bilingual (French/English) magazine dedicated to humanitarian action.

The magazine was created with the following aims in mind:

  • Encourage and participate in the humanitarian sector's global reflection on its practices and its evolution, thanks to a subscription-based print publication and an open-access digital distribution service.
  • Establish a space for meetings and dialogue, and a dynamic exchange between researchers in the human sciences (sociology, history, economics, anthropology, etc.) and practitioners of humanitarian action on the challenges facing this sector.
  • Give a greater voice on the international scene to humanitarian approaches rooted in the "borderless" movement, by pooling resources, ideas and projects.
  • Promote dialogue and exchanges in these fields between researchers and practitioners in the North and South.

Number of simultaneous accesses: unlimited

Interface language: French and English

Content language: French and English