Presentation of the SCDBU


The mission of the Joint University Documentation and Library Service (JUDLS) is to coordinate the documentation function within the university.


The SCDBU includes :

  • digital documentation (catalogues, electronic journals, databases, encyclopaedias) accessible to all members of the academic community on the Internet
  • the three university libraries (BU) in Jacob-Bellecombette, Bourget-du-Lac and Annecy-le-Vieux
  • a dozen associated libraries in the university's components and laboratories


The SCDBU contributes to the activities of academics and research .

In particular, it has the following tasks:

1° To implement the university's documentation policy, coordinate the corresponding means and evaluate the services offered to users ;

2° To welcome users and personnel carrying out their activities in the university, as well as any other public under conditions specified by the university's board of governors, and to organize work and consultation spaces ;

3° Acquire, report, manage and communicate documents and information resources on any medium;

4° To develop digital documentary resources, contribute to their production and promote their use; to participate in the development of scientific and technical information, in particular through the production, reporting and dissemination of digital documents;

5° Participate, for the benefit of users, at research on these various resources as well as in the cultural, scientific and technical activities of the university;

6° To promote, through documentary action and adaptation of services, any initiative in the field of initial and ongoing academics and research ;

7° To cooperate with libraries which contribute to the same objectives, whatever their status, in particular through participation in union catalogues;

8° To train users in the widest possible use of new techniques for accessing scientific and technical information.