Regulations for University Libraries

  • Having regard to the Education Code, in particular articles L714-1, L714-2, D714-28 to D714-40,
    Having regard to the statutes of theuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc adopted by the Board of Directors in its meeting of July 8, 2014, as amended,
    Having regard to the internal regulations ofuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc adopted by the Board of Directors at its meeting of July 8, 2014, as amended,
    Having regard to the statutes of the joint documentation service adopted by the Board of Directors at its meeting of January 31, 2012, as amended,
    Having regard to the opinion of the Documentary Council of November 24, 2021 concerning these regulations,
    Having regard to the opinion of the Technical Committee of theuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc dated February 8, 2022, concerning these regulations,
    Having regard to the deliberation of the Board of Directors on February 15, 2022 concerning these regulations,

1. Respect for people, work environment, rules and charters in force

Libraries are places of study, it is advisable to circulate there in peace. Silence must be observed everywhere except in certain areas indicated by the library.

Permission to eat or drink is restricted to certain designated areas in each library. Eating is not permitted.

The following are prohibited:

  • the use of noise-emitting devices,
  • the entry of animals (with the exception of service animals for the disabled),
  • display without authorization.

Computer equipment and tools are primarily intended for documentary use. The use of computer workstations is subject to compliance with the rules and charters governing their operation, connections and use. In case of abusive use of a computer, any user will be invited to give up his place.

2. Registrations

Registration is compulsory for borrowing. For students and staff of the university, it is valid for the whole academic year. It must be renewed each year. For other readers, it is valid for one year from the date of registration. Registration is valid for all three university libraries.

The student card serves as a library card for students atuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc. For other readers, a card is issued at the time of registration, after payment of the registration fee. This card must be presented when borrowing documents and for any service requiring the identification of the applicant.

Each registered user is personally responsible for his card and therefore for the documents registered under his name.

Computer users must be authenticated.

For controlled access collections, the library card or identification must be left on deposit at the lending bank in exchange for the materials released.

Users are divided into "user categories"; these categories define the amounts of the registration fees and the duration of the loans (see Annexes 1 and 2).

Certain documents are excluded from the loan. Documents on restricted loan are borrowable for a shorter period than the general rule.

Certain services are reserved for registered users and may be subject to a charge (see Appendix 2 - Tariffs).

3. Delay in returning borrowed works

Loan deadlines must be respected (see Annex 1).

The library sends reminder emails to latecomers.

Any delay shall entail suspension of the lending right for a period equal to the duration of the delay.

If there is no response to the complaints or return of the documents requested, a recovery file is drawn up and sent to the accounting agency for action and to the central education department. Legal action may be taken.

4. Loss or damage

4.1. Document loss or damage

Any lost or damaged documents will be :

- Or replaced by the user by a new copy for the available works (same edition or more recent edition). If the book is no longer available in new, by a second-hand copy in very good condition.
- Or reimbursed at the price of new for the available works.

If a user has lost or damaged a document that is no longer available for sale and whose price cannot be determined, a lump sum will be charged (see Annex 2).

4.2. Loss or damage to property

Any equipment loaned and returned damaged will have to be replaced identically or will be charged at the cost of repair or replacement.

5. "Exeat" / re-registration

In order to register at another university, students must provide proof of good standing with the library by requesting a document called an "exeat".

If the request is made in person, the execution is then provided on paper directly to the person concerned. If the request is made by post or e-mail, the exeat will be sent by e-mail. At the request of the interested party, the exeat can also be sent to the school.

The issue of the exeat definitively closes the registration for the current year and does not allow any further borrowing.

6. Theft or attempted theft

The documents are protected by an anti-theft system.

Any theft or attempted theft is subject to disciplinary and criminal proceedings. The director of the component or department of the person who committed the theft or attempted theft will be informed.

7. Compliance with regulations

Each user undertakes to respect the internal rules of the university and the present regulations. In the event of non-compliance with these rules, the disciplinary section of the Academic Council with jurisdiction over users may be seized. In the event of particularly serious behavioural problems, the President of the University may provisionally exclude the user.

8. List of annexes

  • Appendix 1: User categories and lending rights
  • Appendix 2: current rates

Appendix 1
User categories and loan rights

General Rules:

  • Number of documents that can be borrowed: 20 documents, all media combined.
  • Documents - except in the special cases indicated below - may be extended for the same period as the initial loan. Loan extensions are only possible once, except for USMB staff, lecturers, teachers or researchers, who can benefit from two extensions. It starts from the date on which it is carried out (and not from the initial due date).
  • Certain high-demand documents are excluded from loan or "restricted loan". Records on "restricted loan" are available for 14 days on a non-renewable loan.
  • The loan of reserved or overdue documents is not extendable.
  • Each user can reserve three documents on any site. When a reserved document is available, the applicant receives an e-mail notification. He then has 5 working days to pick it up.
  • Access to digital documentation depends on the user licence of each resource. Access to certain resources, whether on-site or remotely, may therefore be prohibited for certain categories of users.


.1 Students

Location Duration of the loan
Students enrolled at the USMB in years 1 to 3 (licence, DUT and ACCENTS enrolled at the USMB) and students enrolled at other universities with which the university has an agreement (Auvergne-RhĂ´ne-Alpes region) 21 days
Students enrolled at the USMB in years 4 and 5 (master's degree and engineering degree) 28 days
Students on sandwich courses (whose sandwich course involves absences from campus of more than three weeks) 35 days

Fee: Current BU fee (registration for the academic year), free for students registered in other universities (Auvergne-RhĂ´ne-Alpes region) and students from connected campuses where the USMB is the local university (Bourg-Saint-Maurice, Faverges-Seythenex, Evian-les-Bains)

Exhibit: Student Card

.2 Staff and doctoral students of theuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc

Location Duration of the loan
Staff, teacher-researchers, teachers and researchers working atuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc (tenured, contract or temporary staff), hosted researchers, ATER, doctoral students, emeritus teacher-researchers, language readers 35 days
USMB administrative, technical, labour and service staff and retirees 35 days

For the first category of users (staff, teacher-researchers, teachers and researchers, doctoral students, etc.), it is possible to extend the loan period twice.

Special case: staff, teacher-researchers, teachers and researchers supervising TDs with the map library can borrow 100 cards for 28 days (renewable once). These rights are in addition to the ordinary rights.

Rate: Free of charge

Document to be produced: Professional card or proof from the university

.3 Other users

Location Duration of the loan
Individuals 21 days

Registration for 365 days

Rate: Current BU fee or free for exempt readers*

Exhibit to produce:
- ID
- Or proof of status for exempt readers

*Exempt readers: high school students, job seekers, holders of a minimum social security benefit (Allocation de solidarité aux personnes âgées, Allocation adulte handicapé, Revenu de solidarité active), staff, teacher-researchers, teachers and researchers from other universities, teaching staff from the Centre Local des OEuvres Universitaires et Scolaires de Savoie et Haute-Savoie, interns at the USMB.

Schedule 2
Rates in force

.1 Registrations

Tuition fee set by the university's board of governors on the basis of a minimum amount set by the Ministry.

.2 Recovery of unreturned documents

In case of non-replacement of the document, a lump sum is charged for loss of a document not available in the trade and whose price cannot be known: 46 €.

.3 Interlibrary loan (ILL)

3.1 Tariffs for users registered at the BU: users' contribution to postage and reproduction costs

PEB demandeur : request for documents from other libraries to serve the readers of the SCDBU Savoie Mont Blanc. It concerns exclusively documents not held by the USMB's BUs. The request for a document through ILL commits the applicant to retrieving it. If a document is not retrieved, the service is suspended for the user during the academic year concerned.

USMB students All USMB staff including PhD students
Books or photocopies received from the French BU network Free of charge up to 10 documents per year Free up to 20 documents per year
Additional books or photocopies (French BU network) 7€ per book

Copies of less than 10 pages: 6€.


8€ per 50 pages

7€ per book

Copies of less than 10 pages: 6€.


8€ per 50 pages

Documents and items received off-grid On quotation * On quotation *


Public bodies and other persons registered at BU Private organizations
Books received from the network of French BUs 7€ 10€
Photocopies received from the network of French BUs Less than 10 pages: €6


8€ per 50 pages

Less than 10 pages: €10


15€ per 50 pages

Documents and items received off-grid On quotation * On quotation *


* Quotation submitted for the reader's approval before validating the ILL request.

.4.2 Invoicing to borrowing institutions and services outside theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc

ILL supplier: loan of SCDBU Savoie Mont Blanc documents to other libraries

Network of French BUs and public bodies Private organizations Foreigner
Lending of books Free of charge 10 € per volume 16 € (or 2 IFLA Vouchers)
Sending photocopies Free of charge 10 € per 50 pages 12 € (or 1.5 IFLA Vouchers) per 50 pages

.5 Other services

  • Printing is possible, according to the rates voted by the institution and posted in the BUs and on the website
  • Sale of documents: from 1 to 10 €.