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You can bring in documents that your BU does not have.

Requirement: be registered with the BU.

I want a document from a USMB BU

From our catalogby logging into your BU accountaccount, you can reserve a document available in the BUs of Jacob, Bourget or Annecy and the specialized libraries of the USMB and have it delivered to the BU of your choice.

This service is free of charge. You are entitled to 10 simultaneous requests. You can track your request from your BU account.

I want a document from another library: ILL

Or "interlibrary loan". It allows you to bring an item from another library.

This service is free for up to 10 documents per year for USMB students, and up to 20 documents per year for UMSB staff.

The service is not free of charge for more than this number of users, as well as for users outside the USMB.


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I want to bring in a document from another French or foreign library

Time limits and conditions of communication

To request a document from another library, simply fill out the form below. To fill in the form on the document you are looking for, you can consult the other catalogues mentioned on this page.

The time required to satisfy your request may vary depending on the difficulty of locating the document and its availability.

Unless otherwise indicated by the library to which the documents belong, books and theses are available for borrowing. The duration of the loan is determined by the original library.



The fees are set annually by the Documentation Council and the University's Administrative Board

The doctoral students and staff of research authorized by the managers of their laboratory can benefit from the support of their unit of attachment.

For ILL fees paid by components, a department or laboratory authorization is provided. It must specify the authorized duration. Unless otherwise stated, it is valid for the academic year.

Excerpts from the university library regulations

3 Interlibrary loan (ILL)

3.1 Tariffs for users registered at the BU: users' contribution to postage and reproduction costs

PEB demandeur : request for documents from other libraries to serve the readers of the SCDBU Savoie Mont Blanc. It concerns exclusively documents not held by the USMB's BUs. The request for a document through ILL commits the applicant to retrieving it. If a document is not retrieved, the service is suspended for the user during the academic year concerned.

USMB students All USMB staff including PhD students
Books or photocopies received from the French BU network Free of charge up to 10 documents per year Free up to 20 documents per year
Additional books or photocopies (French BU network) 7€ per book

Copies of less than 10 pages: 6€.


8€ per 50 pages

7€ per book

Copies of less than 10 pages: 6€.


8€ per 50 pages

Documents and items received off-grid On quotation * On quotation *


Public bodies and other persons registered at BU Private organizations
Books received from the network of French BUs 7€ 10€
Photocopies received from the network of French BUs Less than 10 pages: €6


8€ per 50 pages

Less than 10 pages: €10


15€ per 50 pages

Documents and items received off-grid On quotation * On quotation *


* estimate submitted to the reader for approval before validating the ILL request.

3.2 Invoicing of borrowing institutions and services outside theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc

ILL supplier: loan of SCDBU Savoie Mont Blanc documents to other libraries

Network of French BUs and public bodies Private organizations Foreigner
Lending of books Free 10 € per volume 16 € (or 2 IFLA Vouchers)
Sending photocopies Free 10 € per 50 pages 12 € (or 1.5 IFLA Vouchers) per 50 pages

* estimate submitted to the reader for approval before validating the ILL request.

The essentials

at the national level: the SUDOC catalog

The SUDOC catalog allows bibliographic research on the collections of French university libraries and other institutions of higher education, for all types of documents. For periodical collections, it is extended to more than 2000 other French documentation centers. It allows you to locate documents in these libraries. The Directory of Resource Centers which completes it describes the conditions of access to each of them.

The documents of the SCDBU of the University of Savoie are reported in the SUDOC. However, as with other libraries, information about their availability must be checked in the library catalogue: this is because the SUDOC is not synchronized for this type of information with the local systems of the libraries, which are the only ones that can be kept up to date since they manage the loans.

The description of this resource

locally: Lectura Plus

Lectura Plus is the result of the merger of the websites Lectura (common portal of the central cities of the former Rhône-Alpes region) and Mémoires et actualités en Rhône-Alpes (portal of the written and graphic heritage of the former Rhône-Alpes region). It is the portal of the written and graphic heritage of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. It provides simultaneous access to digitized content from the heritage collections of the cities of Annecy, Bourg-en-Bresse, Chambéry, Clermont-Ferrand, Grenoble, Lyon, Roanne, Saint-Etienne, and Valence: old press, image gallery, virtual exhibitions, and information on the region's heritage collections.


To go further

Documentary Networks

Resources are described and located in the libraries participating in these networks.

The collective catalogue of France (CCFr)

It comprises three major catalogues: the catalogue of the printed and digitised holdings of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BN Opale plus), the catalogue of university libraries and major institutions (SUDOC), the catalogue of the old and/or local computerised holdings of municipal and special libraries (BMR), and the catalogue of the collections of the French National Library (BN Opale plus).

The Worldcat union catalogue

1.5 billion documents of all kinds in more than 10,000 libraries worldwide (French interface from the first search results)

The RERO + Swiss union catalog

RERO, an acronym for REseau ROmand, refers to the network of libraries in Western Switzerland: public, school and heritage libraries.

Swisscovery: the research portal of the SLSP network

SLSP, acronym for Swiss Library Service Platform, union catalog of Swiss university and college libraries (except Vaud)

The metacatalogue of the University of Karlsruhe

research, simultaneous or specific, in the catalogues of some 60 libraries and online booksellers around the world (interface in German and English)

The SBN (National Library Service)

Unified catalogue of the Italian libraries, it allows the simultaneous research , simple or advanced, in the catalogues of more than 4000 Italian libraries, also for old collections (interface in Italian and English).

National Libraries

The National Library of France

The BNF offers bibliographical research in its collections, which include, thanks to legal deposit, documents of all kinds published, produced or distributed in France: books (legal deposit since 1537), periodicals, maps, plans, printed music, prints, photographs, videograms, sound, electronic and multimedia documents.

It also provides access to databases: Gallica digital library, full text documents and image banks

The British Library

National Library of the United Kingdom (English interface)

Library of Congress

National Library of the United States of America (English interface)

Deutsche National Bibliothek (Leipzig, Frankfurt)

Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

National Libraries of Germany (interfaces in German and English)

Biblioteca nacional de Espana

Catalogue of the National Library and Collective Catalogue of Periodicals located in Spanish libraries, Digital Library (interface in Spanish and English)

Some nearby libraries

The Municipal Libraries of Chambéry

The Libraries of the Annecy agglomeration

The Public and University Library of Geneva

The Cantonal and University Library of Lausanne

The National and University Library of Turin