Borrowing: yes, but what?

For whom and for how long?

To borrow, simply register. You will be entitled to 20 documents (+ 2 games for a USMB student)

Situation Loan term
Students enrolled at the USMB in years 1 to 3 (bachelor's degree, BUT, ACCENTS enrolled at the USMB) and all students enrolled at other universities with which the university has an agreement (Auvergne RhĂ´ne Alpes region). 21 days
Students enrolled at USMB in years 4 and 5 (master's and engineering degrees) 28 days
Students on work-study programs at the USMB (whose work-study program involves absences from campus of more than three weeks) 35 days
SituationLoan term
Staff, teacher-researchers, teacher-researchers based at the USMB (tenured, contract or part-time), hosted researchers, ATER, doctoral students, emeritus teacher-researchers, language readers35 days
USMB administrative, technical and service staff and retirees35 days

*For the first category of users (staff, lecturers, teachers and researchers, doctoral students, etc.), it is possible to extend the loan period twice.

*Special case: staff, teacher-researchers, teachers and researchers supervising TDs with the map library can borrow 100 cards for 28 days (renewable once). This fee is in addition to the regular fee.

SituationLoan term
Outside France (excluding USMB)21 days