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Early European Books - National Library of Florence

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The corpus includes digitized collections of documents from the holdings of the National Library of Florence (15th-17th centuries), organized according to four themes:

  • the Nenci Aldine Collection, featuring over 770 editions printed by Aldo Manutius and the Aldine Press, the famous printing house founded in Venice in 1494
  • volumes of scientific and historical interest due to the marginal annotations indexed in the database, i.e. 64 copies (16th-17th centuries), some of which include Galileo's annotations.
  • the incunabula collection, comprising almost 1,200 volumes, including first editions of the works of Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio, as well as the collection of the preacher Savonarola.
  • the collection of sacre rappresentazioni, over 780 editions (16th-17th centuries) of the religious theatrical genre developed in 15th-century Tuscany.

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