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Indo-European Etymological Dictionaries Online

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Contents: TheIndo European Etymological Dictionaries Online (IEDO), a reference collection on the philology and historical linguistics of Indo-European languages from the prestigious publisher Brill, comprises 15 dictionaries reconstructing the lexicon of most of the major languages and linguistic branches of Indo-European.

The collection features some 20,000 entries covering more than 150 languages. Each entry offers grammatical and semantic information, as well as etymological comments and bibliographical information. The content is regularly updated and expanded.

Dictionaries can be queried separately or together, thanks to cross-referencing.

List of 15 dictionaries :

  • Lithuanian Etymological Dictionary, Ernst Fraenkel
  • Etymological Dictionary of the Baltic Inherited Lexicon, Rick Derksen
  • Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic, Guus Kroonen
  • Etymological Dictionary of Greek, Robert Beekes with the assistance of Lucien van Beek
  • Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Celtic, Ranko Matasović
  • Etymological Dictionary of the Armenian Inherited Lexicon, Hrach K. Martirosyan
  • Etymological Dictionary of Latin and the Other Italic Languages, Michiel de Vaan
  • Reconstructing Proto-Nostratic, Allan R. Bomhard
  • Etymological Dictionary of the Hittite Inherited Lexicon, Alwin Kloekhorst
  • Etymological Dictionary of the Slavic Inherited Lexicon, Rick Derksen
  • Etymological Dictionary of the Iranian Verb, Johnny Cheung
  • Old Frisian Etymological Dictionary, Dirk Boutkan and Sjoerd Michiel Siebinga
  • Cuneiform Luvian Lexicon, H. Craig Melchert
  • Etymological Dictionary of Tocharian B, Douglas Q. Adams
  • Materials for an Etymological Database of North Lechitic Dialects, Konstantin K. Bogatyrev

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