Smoke-free month

Want to stop smoking? Need help and advice? Guidance from a healthcare professional is one of the best ways to quit smoking. Did you know that you have a 70% greater chance of success [...]?

All dates 2023-2024

SHOWS 2023-2024: October 14, 2023: Salon l'Etudiant de la Roche-sur-Foron December 1 and 2, 2023: Salon L'Etudiant de Grenoble January 20, 2024: Salon L'Etudiant de Chambéry January 27, 2024: Salon L'Etudiant de [...]

Pink October: get screened for breast cancer

Annecy IUT is supporting the Pink October campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer screening and the fight against it. Talking about it is prevention, so you can act in time!

Annecy IUT rallies for disabled sport

The Annecy court pour le handisport event attracted a large number of participants. Annecy's IUT came first, with 171 participants and over 1100 km covered. Well done to all!

Altair 7 - World Champions 2023

2023, the year of the record! The Annécienne team's adventure at Battle Mountain (Nevada) comes to an end after several runs and numerous challenges. On his last run, François Pervis reached a speed of 139.89 [...].

Altair 7 - 2023 edition

Students and companions gathered in front of the Golden Gate Bridge to immortalize the latest edition of the Caréné Recumbent Bike at Battle Mountain.

At the beginning of September 2023, 6 students from the GMP department of the Annecy IUT travel to Nevada to take part in a speed competition at Battle Mountain.