Physical measurements

The Physical Measurements courses offer you the opportunity to understand, design and implement measurement systems in the field of physical sciences.

BUT Physical Measurements

The BUT MPh trains technicians capable of carrying out and to carry out and exploit measurements in the field of physical sciences.

It is a academics with a broad spectrum in the fields of physics, chemistry, materials, instrumentation and metrology:
- A dynamic environment, industrial and research sectors in a wide variety of fields
- A academics professionalizing: work-study program from the 2nd year; very well equipped technical rooms
- Opportunities for openness: a semester abroad in the 3rd year; a technical project in English

2 PATHS with 3 skills of different levels of development for its paths

+ 2 common skills

- Conduct a measurement campaign (level 3)
- Deploying metrology and the quality approach (level 3)


- Explore the world of physics: mechanics, thermics, optics
- To observe the heart of the matter : chemistry, materials, spectroscopy
- Mastering the tools of measurement: electronics, computing, piloting
- Communicate today: English, business, expression

The advantages of BUT MPh at the IUT of Annecy

- A multidisciplinary academics
- Practical work in connection with the industrial world and research
- An adapted pedagogy:
- Control continuous assessment, support, follow-up individualized follow-up, tests self-assessment tests and exam preparation sessions
- Motivation of students by the putting in implementation of technological achievements or mini-projects
- Resources available to students: digital work environment environment, pedagogical videos, voting boxes, flipped classroom and graded grids, workrooms open until 8:30 pm until 8:30 pm

- Opening on the Anglo-Saxon world, some statements of TD and TP in in English, presentation of defenses in in English, preparation for the TOEIC, international semester
- Visits to companies or laboratories, projects and internships related to with industry or research
- Quality of equipment and facilities
- Voltaire project: academics in spelling

Terms and conditions

Possibility of a work-study program starting in the second year and of international mobility in semester 5.


The BUT MPh includes 600 hours of tutored projects and 22 to 26
weeks of internship during the 3 years of study. This corresponds to
9 months of academics in a professional context.

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- Measurement and testing technician
- Technician in metrology and quality
- Physical measurement technician in research and development
- Technicianin materials characterization (path 1)
- Technicianin physico-chemical analysis laboratory (pathway 1)
- Technician in non-destructive testing (route 1)
- Scientific instrumentation technician (pathway 2)
- Technician in the piloting of measuring instruments(course 2)
- Technician in measurement chain design (path 2)


Le recrutement est accessible pour 50% de la promotion aux
titulaires d’un bac général et pour 50% aux titulaires d’un bac

BUT 1 : candidature via le portail d’admission Parcoursup
Demande d’accès en BUT 2 ou 3 : sur examen de dossier de janvier à fin mai via eCandidat.

Attention au choix des rubriques : Offre de formation / IUT d’Annecy / BACHELOR UNIVERSITAIRE DE TECHNOLOGIE

The motivation and a great interest in the field of
academics are major assets. A previous career
related to the specialty will be appreciated.

"The key points of Physical Measurements for me: - the alternation between theory and practice allows to highlight fundamental fundamental notions, and thus to concretize the more literal aspect of literal aspect of academics - group spirit, cohesion, essential prerequisites for future life in life in a company, through the numerous group works and projects and projects - the state-of-the-art equipment made available allows for practical familiarization with the complex devices that are omnipresent in industry ".
Graduate in Physical Measurements