Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing

The academics Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing allows you to acquire skills in various fields such as electrical energy and its application to renewable energies, the programming of automated systems and embedded electronics. This academics will allow you to quickly enter the industrial world or to continue your studies in many sectors of activity.


BUT Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing

The BUT Electrical Engineering and Industrial Computing trains superior technicians capable of quickly integrating into the industrial environment. They are competent in the modern techniques of automation, industrial computing, electrical and electrical and renewable energies and electronics.

3 PATHS with a specific skill



Program automated systems (PLCs, robots and vision) vision) that ensure the conduct and control of industrial processes industrial processes

- Implement all or part of a system of production and distribution of
and distribution system

- Design, produce and program electronic systems
fixed or embedded

The advantages of BUT GEII at the IUT of Annecy

- Privileged working conditions:
- Small groups of tutorials (26 students) - practical work (14 students)
- An adapted teaching method oriented towards practice
- Personalized supervision
- Continuous assessment
- Tutored projects (independent group work)
- An internship in a company in France or abroad
- The quality of the equipment and premises

- Teachers with a wide range of profiles: research professors, associate professors, external contributors (engineers, executives, professionals)

Terms and conditions

Alternation from the second or third year for the following
following courses:
- Automatism and Industrial Computing
- Electricity and Energy Management


- Computer Developer
- Automatician
- Robotics developer
- Technician in energy diagnosis
- Business manager in electrical and renewable energies
- Electronic technician
- Embedded systems technician


The BUT GEII includes 600 hours of tutored projects and 22 to 26 weeks of
weeks of internship during the 3 years of study. This corresponds to 6
months of academics in a professional context.

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The recruitment is accessible for 50% of the promotion to candidates with a general baccalaureate and 50% with a technological of a technological baccalaureate.

BUT 1 : candidature via le portail d’admission Parcoursup

Demande d’accès en BUT 3 : sur examen de dossier de janvier à fin mai via eCandidat

Attention au choix des rubriques : Offre de formation / IUT d’Annecy / BACHELOR UNIVERSITAIRE DE TECHNOLOGIE

Motivation and a strong interest in the fields of electrical engineering and and industrial computing are the basis for success in the success in BUT GEII. A previous career in connection with the specialty will be appreciated. Whatever is your diploma, a level correct in mathematics/physics is required.
The subjects of computer science and of engineering engineering will be approached in the first semester starting from 0.

"During my academics GEII, I appreciated that in all the subjects the basics in all the subjects so that we could get off to a good start. to get off to a good start. I also really appreciated the importance of practical work and projects. projects. They allow us to apply our knowledge concretely and to project ourselves into the future. knowledge and to project ourselves into everyday applications and the and in the industrial environment.
GEII graduate