The IUT schooling department welcomes students and monitors their files throughout their studies at the Annecy IUT. It is responsible for the administrative follow-up of student files, from application to graduation.

Applying for a goal or professional license

Would you like to apply ...

a classic goal or a work-study program?

you are part of the parcoursup procedure

This procedure concerns

- All candidates preparing or having obtained a French baccalaureate (whatever their academy of origin)
- Foreign candidates who are EEA nationals

Please note: Admission to BUT under a work-study contract is subject to obtaining a contract with a company.

This does not apply to

- Foreign applicants who are not nationals of the European Union, the EEA or the Swiss Confederation, residing in one of the countries with a CEF procedure and wishing to pursue their studies in France, must apply via the Etudes en France application.
- Students repeating a year must re-apply directly to their institution
- Applicants for BUT 3 en alternance (e-candidat procedure)
- Applicants for academics continue

in the GMP goal section?

you are part of the parcoursup procedure

You must apply for the BUT GMP stream. Make sure you tick the "sportsman" or "artist" box to access the relevant section. You do have the option of applying for both the traditional and the adapted sections.

in TC Ski-études?

goal 3 or professional license?

To find out how to apply, please visit the pages dedicated to our training courses.

University fees and refunds

University registration fees

University tuition fees for national diplomas are set annually by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. They vary according to the diploma. To find out more, visit the Service Public.

Refund of registration fees

Students with scholarships in France are exempt from these fees on presentation of the notice of award issued by the CROUS. If you receive a grant during the course of the year, don't forget to request reimbursement from the Registrar's Office.


Re-enrolment starts at the beginning of July.

This procedure applies to students enrolled in the academics initial program only.
Students on sandwich courses or integrated adult programs will receive the information they need to re-register from the academics continuing education department.

Re-registration via the web is mandatory for :

- Students admitted to BUT2 and BUT3
- 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students in Sections Aménagées
- Repeaters

Re-enrolling in BUT initial and modified section:

Please have the following documents ready:
- Your student number
- Your Contribution de Vie Etudiante et de Campus (CVEC) number
- Your scholarship number, if applicable
- Your bank card for online payment of registration fees, if required

For students in special sections , the Sports Form or Musician Form must be completed.

School certificate

School certificates for current and previous years can be downloaded from My web folder.

Student file transfer


As a first step, we strongly recommend that you contact the host university where you are applying to find out about the procedure and the deadline for submitting your application.

Have you applied to one or more French universities for the start of the next academic year and are applying to leaveuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc ?


Visit transfer request form duly completed and signed, is to be returned to the school you belong to. It must be accompanied by:
an exeat (or quitus) from the university library (BU), even if you haven't borrowed any books. This is issued by the BU on your campus. It certifies that you have returned all the books you borrowed, or paid for them if they were lost. How to obtain it ?

If you need a transfer-out form to enclose with your application, you can send your school a transfer-departure form for each desired host university.


Your academic file can only be sent once both presidents have given a positive decision and your results have been published atuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc. Thus, for students who have been withdrawn from the 1st session, the transfer will only take place once the results of the 2nd session have been published.
If you have made multiple applications, the Registrar's Office will wait for you to inform them of the name of the establishment to which you have been admitted and where you will be enrolling, as well as the title of the academics course you will be taking.

No transfer will be made without this information.

sworn translators

diploma withdrawal

Diplomas are issued byUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc.

As soon as it is published and signed by the various authorities, which may take several weeks, you will be informed by the central school department atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc on the personal e-mail address you provided when registering.

There are several ways to collect your diploma 

- You can pick up your diploma on site at the central school department atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc, 27 rue Marcoz, Chambéry, in the presence of a valid form of identification. It is possible to collect your diploma by proxy: in this case, the proxy must bring a photocopy of the student's ID and his/her own ID.

- For students living in France or abroad, it is necessary to download the form available on theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc website.

Social security

French students are automatically affiliated to a compulsory health insurance scheme for reimbursement of healthcare costs, generally that of their parents or legal guardians, whatever the scheme (general, agricultural or other).

If you are a foreign national or would like further information, please visit the Caisse Primaire d'Assurance Maladie website.


contact the school department

The department is located in the main reception hall of the Annecy IUT (building B, office B251). Our offices are open to the public: Monday to Friday, 8am to 12pm and 1.15pm to 5pm.


Telephone: 04 50 09 22 23 / 04 50 09 22 24 / 04 50 09 22 26

Mail: IUT Annecy - Service scolarité - 5 chemin de Bellevue - Annecy-le-Vieux - CS 80439 - 74944 Annecy Cedex