Computer Networks & Telecoms

The academics R&T has the will to train future computer technician, system administrator and computer networks, web computer specialist, computer networks and security consultant, sales technician in the field of computer networks or corporate telephony, cellular phone network technician...


BUT Computer Networks & Telecoms

The BUT Networks and Telecommunications program trains professionals in the field of digital technologies: internet and cloud, corporate networks and system administration, computer programming, communication infrastructures.

R&T is a partner of the academics academies of Cisco and Stormshield, leaders in the field of networks and cybersecurity. This allows R&T to equip itself with high-level professional equipment and to give students internationally recognized professional or academic certifications.
In addition, R&T is developing its international outlook by organizing a one-week trip to Brighton (a seaside resort in the United Kingdom) at the beginning of the second year and by offering a semester abroad (Erasmus exchange) with, in particular, several Irish or Finnish partners.

R&T offers, for those who wish, an ethical hacking club in which participants learn to solve enigmas (challenges) related to computer security. The more experienced can also take part in competitions (Capture The Flag) such as Insomnihack, in Geneva.

1 COURSE: Cybersecurity


- Maintain and administer Windows and Linux systems (clients, servers), manage virtualization, use the cloud
- Program dynamic web applications (HTML, CSS, javascript, SQL, PHP, cookie session), smartphone/tablet, with knowledge of computer security
- Set up servers and services, e.g. email, vpn, wifi hotspot, etc.
- Interconnecting network equipment: WiFi, operator networks, LAN, routers, fiber optics
- Securing computer access: firewalls, authentication, rights management, VLAN, VPN
- Setting up telecommunication tools: company telephony, mobile telephony and interconnection with IT, and understanding transmissions

The advantages of BUT R&T at the Annecy IUT

- A national diploma, recognized and appreciated
- More than 86% success rate
- Support and follow-up of students in their various personal projects
- Online courses
- An opening on languages and international (stay in Brighton, England)
- A partnership with the French National Agency for Information Systems Security (ANSSI) within the framework of the SecNumEdu program
- A CISCO Networking Academy partnership, with preparation and certification
- A partnership with Stormshield, the European leader in IT security, with preparation and certification
- An Ethical Hacking Club, expert in IT security, led by professionals
- A "project" pedagogy
- A reinforcement of courses in IT security, web programming and smartphone


The BUT R&T program includes 600 hours of tutored projects and 22 to 26 weeks of internship during the 3 years of study. This corresponds to 9 months of academics in a professional context.

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- IT / Cybersecurity Technician
- IT Systems and Network Administrator
- Data Center, Cloud, Virtualization Administrator
- Cloud Integrator
- Webmaster, Web Developer
- DevOps Integrator
- Cellular Network Technician
- Sales Technician in IT, Networks, Business Telephony


The recruitment is accessible for 50% of the promotion to candidates holding a general baccalaureate and for 50% to holders of a technological baccalaureate.

Submission of applications via the Parcoursup admission portal

Recruitment on file, diploma BAC or equivalent required. BAC recommended: General BAC (special Maths, NSI, SI, Physics), STI2D (SIN) also STMG (SIG), Bac pro SN (RISC) with a very good file. Students reorienting themselves after one or two years in a scientific degree or preparatory classes. Adults can also be accepted for continuing education at academics .

Terms and conditions

Alternating work experience possible from the 1st year.

"The Annecy IUT and its R&T department is a great opportunity to acquire technical knowledge. The situation of the IUT of Annecy combined with a team of exceptional professors made these years unforgettable moments in my student life. The notion of promotion, the mutual aid, the sharing and the time spent at the IUT remain very good memories. My academics is recognized for its true value by companies in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes."
Graduate of R&T