Information Technology

The academics Computer Science program aims to train computer scientists capable of participating in the design, development and implementation of computer systems that meet the needs of users. To assume these responsibilities, computer scientists must be technologically competent, have a good general culture and be able to communicate.


BUT Computer Science

The BUT Computer Science form of computer scientists capable to participate in the design, realization and implementation of computer systems systems (Windows, web or smartphone applications) in accordance with to the needs of the users.

3 PATHS + 5 specific skills with different levels of development different levels

+ 1 common COMPETENCY


- Be able to understand, evolve, maintain and deploy and deploy a software application
- Implement in a rigorous and controlled way information systems information systems
- Respond to an operational specification, in order to achieve the installation of a software application in conformity with its specification

The advantages of BUT INFO at the IUT of Annecy

The Department's intranet:

You will be able to access the IT department's private intranet and find the IT resources you will need at academics.

Privileged working conditions:
- Experienced teachers and professionals
- Modern equipment for a class of 120 students
- With a teaching team close to the students

Terms and conditions

Alternating work experience possible from the second or third year


The academics program takes place over six semesters. An internship of 8 to 10
weeks in the second year and 16 to 18 weeks in the third year allows students to develop their
year allows students to develop their professionalization in a company.

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- Designer-Developer (Track A)
- DevOps (track A)
- Database administrator (track C)
- Data miner (track C)
- Big Data Developer (track C)
- Application Integrator (track D)
- ERP developer/engineer (path D)
- Product Owner, Scrum master (path D)
- Green IT manager (path D)
- Assistant project manager (path D)


Le recrutement est accessible pour 50% de la promotion aux candidats titulaires d’un bac général et pour 50% aux titulaires d’un bac technologique. Le recrutement se fait sur dossier puis entretien.

BUT 1 : candidature via le portail d’admission Parcoursup 
Demande d’accès en BUT 2 ou 3 : sur examen de dossier de janvier à fin mai via eCandidat.

Attention au choix des rubriques : Offre de formation / IUT d’Annecy / BACHELOR UNIVERSITAIRE DE TECHNOLOGIE

Possible access :
- A general baccalaureate (specializing in mathematics, digital sciences and/or and/or engineering science) or a technological baccalaureate technological option SIN
- Students in reorientation
- Adults can be accepted as part of the academics continuous education

"The academics INFO is for me very good because of the the versatility of the lessons that are given. In Indeed, I was able to discover a wide range of jobs in which allowed me to concretize my professional project my professional project until then vague. Moreover, it taught me the complete process of creating of an application, from the conception to the communication communication and, of course, development. This is for me an essential point to essential point for me to be correctly inserted in the professional professional world. Not to mention the fact that I was able to to put these teachings into practice, with the tutored project project and the internship, in a friendly environment equipped with environment and equipped with many resources. I hope that it will allow me to continue my studies in a school of academics in an engineering school.
2nd year student