Annecy University Institute of Technology

Located on the university site of Annecy-le-Vieux since 1973, the IUT of Annecy is one of the 7 components of theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc (USMB); it welcomes 2800 of the 15000 students of the USMB. Through all of its courses and the range of its specialties, the IUT enables its students to obtain real knowledge, to learn to adapt, to develop their ability to work in a team, to evolve and to know how to integrate. The IUT allows students to acquire knowledge in various fields: Commerce, Banking, Management, Operational Management, HRM, Social/Health, Electronics, Renewable Energies, Mechanics, Computer Science, Instrumentation, Physical Measurement, Production, Quality, Logistics and Networks. 


Why choose the Annecy IUT

An exceptional setting

IUT students benefit from the many advantages offered by the university campus as well as a privileged location. Located at the foot of the mountains, the IUT overlooks Lake Annecy, and thus enjoys an exceptional site.

The city ofAnnecy benefits from an ideal setting, which allows winter and summer to enjoy leisure activities and sports thanks to the lake and the neighboring mountains. In addition to sports activities, you can also take advantage of the many cultural and recreational activities that the city offers. It is in this exceptional setting that the students of the IUT of Annecy have the chance to study and to take advantage, outside of their studies, of the leisure and activities offered by the city and the region.

A history rooted in its territory

Since 1973, the creation of the 9 departments of academics as well as the professional licenses has always been done in close collaboration with the economic and institutional circles: the CCI 74, the Chambre de Métiers 74, the Club des Entreprises de l'université Savoie Mont Blanc, the Conseil Départemental de Haute Savoie, the Région Auvergne Rhône Alpes, ...

Over the years, the IUT has developed and opened training courses in line with the needs of the professional sectors of the territory:

Mechanical Engineering, Marketing Techniques, Social Careers, Business Management, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Physical Measurements, Quality, Industrial Logistics and Organization, Networks and Telecommunications, Industrial and Outdoor Sports Professions

In 1985, in order to meet the expectations of families and the region, special sections were opened to allow young people to continue their studies without abandoning their careers as high-level athletes. Today, with the implementation of the BUT, the special sections are limited in number and concern 2 BUT :

Quality, Openness, Development

In addition to the knowledge that it provides to its students on the basis of national programs, the IUT of Annecy has the mission to provide each student with complex knowledge of how to act by multiplying the opportunities to implement the theoretical teachings through learning situations and evaluations within the framework of supervised work, practical work, internships and projects.

The speakers come from different backgrounds (teachers, research professors, freelancers from the professional world), as well as our International Learning Center (studies or internships abroad) offer our students an open-minded approach to business and the world.

In its quality approach, Annecy University Institute of Technology constantly reviews each of these different parameters to optimize its training courses, to make them ever more effective and thus to train future managers and technicians.

Relations with the economic world

  • President of the IUT Council: Jean-Michel MURISON - Vice President Purchasing, Supply Chain and IT NTN Europe
  • Courses in response to the needs of the region and its stakeholders: academics , alternating courses, academics , VAE, VAPP...
  • A daily collaboration with the economic and institutional actors of the territory
    (Departmental Council of Haute-Savoie, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haute-Savoie...)
  • 90 companies and institutions members of theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc
  • More than 500 companies invested daily in training

Always in motion

  • Pedagogical innovation strategy
  • Development of internationalization
  • Staffing and new courses
  • Welcoming different audiences
  • Interaction with other components of the University

IUT in figures


  • 9 University Bachelors of Technology (BUT - diploma in 180 ECTS, level Bac+3)
  • 7 Professional Licences (60 ECTS diploma / 3rd year, Bac+3 level)
  • Preparation for the Diploma of Accounting and Management (DCG)
  • Preparation for the Superior Diploma of Accounting and Management (DSCG)


  • 50 collaborations with foreign partner universities
  • Internships abroad

Geographic origin of students in BUT

  • 42% Haute-Savoie
  • 18% Savoie
  • 24% of the other departments of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes
  • 16% France

The staff

  • 178 permanent staff
    • 133 permanent teachers, teacher-researchers
    • Teachers, teacher-researchers attached to the 5 research laboratories: IREGE, LISTIC, SYMME, LAPP, LAPTh
    • 45 administrative and technical staff
  • 250 temporary workers and external contributors


  • 28,000 m2 of premises
  • Each department with specific premises
  • 1 IUT cafeteria for students and staff,

Words from the director and the president of the IUT board

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