BU Annecy

BU Annecy's collections (around 30,000 volumes and 100 periodical titles) are organized around two main areas of acquisition, corresponding to the courses taught on campus.

Economics and management

  • economic history and thought, sociology of economics, economics of different countries, labor economics, financial economics, international economics, micro and macroeconomics, economic development and growth
  • public economic law, tax law, labor law, commercial law
  • corporate management, financial management, accounting, information systems, personnel management, production management, sales management, marketing, quality, etc.

Science and technology

  • mathematics, physics, chemistry and thermodynamics textbooks
  • mechanics, applied mechanics and materials
  • electricity and electronics, electrical engineering
  • communication techniques, radio, radar, telephony, television
  • mechanical engineering, automatic control technology
  • industrial production
  • measuring instruments
  • computer science and networks, programming languages, software, computer security, computer graphics, digital photography and video

Relaxing collections

To help you take a break from your studies or research, the BU offers a range of leisure collections to complement those corresponding to the disciplines taught at the university.

They offer: comic books, DVDs, mangas, novels, a press area (news and general information newspapers, magazines, etc.), documents to borrow or read on site in the relaxation areas.

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Université Savoie Mont Blanc
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