Cut / Stop


As part of a doctoral contract, a gap year is possible and fulfils the same conditions as those laid down byuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc.

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In accordance with Article 14 of the Order of May 25, 2016 on academics doctoral studies, this gap period does not count towards the duration of the thesis, but the doctoral student may ask to remain registered with the establishment.

Thesis termination

Termination of thesis by candidate's choice

Please contact your Doctoral School and Collège Doctoral USMB in advance if you wish to stop your doctorate. 

Following an interview with the director of theDoctoral School, the thesis director and, if applicable, the director of the Collège USMB, the doctoral student is invited to make a definitive choice.

Depending on the decision, the thesis is terminated or a specific support system is set up to ensure that the thesis continues.

Failure to re-register a doctoral student is tantamount to discontinuing the thesis.