International mobility

The USMB Doctoral College strongly encourages doctoral students to take advantage of their doctoral years to engage in international mobility. It participates in mobility through calls for projects.

Below is a summary of the opportunities available to our doctoral students. 

Going abroad

Experiencing life abroad enables you to develop your ability to understand and adapt to multicultural environments, to come face to face with other points of view and to learn about other methodologies, all of which can only enrich academics . This mobility also enables you to forge links with other research teams and open up opportunities for cooperation in your future career.

When to go?

Whenever you want.

However, it's often advisable to start in the second or early third year: after you've got to grips with the subject and before the final writing phase.

Why leave?

  • Learn about other research practices
  • Meet other researchers
  • Working on foreign sources
  • Develop your network...

financing option is right for you?

  • Thesis budget
  • Doctoral College
  • Doctoral school


Call for projects to support outgoing international mobility for doctoral students

The outgoing international mobility grant is designed to encourage doctoral students to spend time abroad as part of their thesis work.

Each year, the USMB Doctoral College provides its doctoral students with an annual budget for international mobility. 

Find all the information you need on the university page dedicated to doctoral student mobility.


Welcoming foreign doctoral students

Are you planning to complete your doctorate atuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc?

Please contact the International Relations Department (DRI) for information about your arrival and welcome atuniversité Savoie Mont Blanc.