Cotutelle internationale de thèse is an agreement that encourages the mobility of doctoral students and promotes scientific cooperation. It enables doctoral students to obtain the double title of doctor in France and in the country of the partner university. The thesis is prepared under the joint supervision of two thesis directors from each of the partner institutions. Each year, the doctoral student registers with both universities. Co-supervision of a thesis therefore represents a stronger commitment on the part of both institutions than a simple international co-supervision.

A cotutelle project must be relevant and enable the doctoral student's skills to be enhanced, as well as scientific collaboration between research units and/or teams.

International cotutelle is an agreement signed to develop the international dimension of doctoral schools and scientific cooperation between French and foreign research teams, and to encourage the mobility of doctoral students. Doctoral students who sign up for this type of collaboration benefit from double supervision, and once they have defended their thesis, they receive a diploma from both universities.

The agreement can be either a framework agreement with an application agreement for each doctoral student, or a specific agreement for each doctoral student.

The agreement specifies the conditions for alternating periods of academics in the countries concerned. It sets out the procedures for setting up the jury and providing material, pedagogical and linguistic support for doctoral students. In particular, it specifies :

1° The title of the thesis, the name of the thesis supervisor, the names of the contracting higher education establishments and the nature of the degree being prepared;

2° The language in which the thesis is written; when this language is not French, the writing is completed by a substantial summary in French;

3° The procedures for recognizing training activities carried out in one or other of the higher education establishments;

4° The terms of payment of tuition fees in accordance with the pedagogical provisions adopted, without the doctoral student being obliged to pay fees at several establishments simultaneously;

5° The conditions under which social security coverage is provided, as well as the accommodation and financial aid available to doctoral students to ensure their mobility;

6° Publication and intellectual property regulations

Identifying a thesis supervisor at the partner university is essential. The two thesis supervisors work with the student to formulate the research topic and methodologies compatible with cotutelle.

In some cases, it is the thesis directors of the two partner institutions who propose a subject for a cotutelle thesis prior to recruitment. In this case, the thesis directors inform the doctoral student at the time of recruitment. The steps involved in formalizing the cotutelle arrangement can then be anticipated.

  1. If you are a doctoral student or future doctoral student

ContactResearch unit/direction thèse to prepare your thesis, and inform them of the possibility of co-directing your thesis with a partner institution.

  1. If you are a thesis supervisor

A foreign PhD student or colleague contacts you to set up a thesis co-directorship agreement, download the appropriate co-supervision agreement template (USMB or UNITA format if an agreement has been drawn up with one of the Alliance establishments). If the foreign university proposes a template, check that it conforms to the USMB document. A drafting guide is available on the website.

The cotutelle agreement takes effect from the date of signature by the representatives of the two partner institutions, and is valid until the end of the academic year in which the thesis is defended.

ATTENTION Cotutelle applies from the first year of the thesis; the Cotutelle agreement must therefore be signed as soon as possible, in principle in the year of the first thesis registration . The average processing time for an application is 12 weeks.

N.B.: If you are an incoming student, register as soon as you sign up on ADUM and with your school, for more information

Any modification or extension of the initial cotutelle agreement must be the subject of an amendment. amendment in agreement with the thesis management team.