The Doctoral College's actions are supported by the work of the following governing bodies: the Council, the Management Board, the Board of Directors, the Pedagogical Commission, and the Exemption and Waiver Committee.

Members of the USMB Doctoral College Council

The Council is the deliberative body of the USMB Doctoral College. It is chaired by the President of the USMB or, if he or she is unable to attend, by one of his or her subordinates. 

It is made up of elected or appointed members with voting rights.

Its composition ensures representation of all doctoral schools accredited by the USMB, as well as Research units (laboratories) attached to the establishment. Doctoral student representatives are elected for a 2-year term from among USMB doctoral students (full and deputy members). 

Members of the Doctoral College Council

Doctoral College Management

The Collège Doctoral is headed by a director appointed by the President of the USMB. He or she is responsible for carrying out the missions of the Doctoral College, representing the USMB in its doctoral missions at academics , and reporting to the institution's research commission on the activities of the Doctoral College. 

The management team also liaises with the Doctoral Colleges of co-accrediting institutions, assisted by the College Board.

Executive Board

Members of the Executive Board are appointed by the Doctoral College Council. 

The Executive Board comprises the Doctoral College Director, the SIE and CST Doctoral School Directors, two HDR members of the Board representing the ST scientific sector on the one hand, and the DEG and LSHS scientific sectors on the other, as well as a doctoral student representative of the Board. 

The board meets regularly and is responsible for the day-to-day management of doctoral studies. It prepares upstream meetings of the doctoral council. The administrative management services of the academics doctoral program are part of the USMB's Direction du Développement, de la Recherche et de la Valorisation (DDRV). 

As such, the DDRV management is invited to take part in the work of the Doctoral College Board.

Commission for Teaching, Exemptions and Derogations (CP2D)

The CP2D is made up of the management of the Doctoral College, the management of the SIE and CST Doctoral Schools, and three HDR board members representing the different sectors of academics (DEG, LSHS, ST). It meets at the request of the USMB President to examine applications and issue opinions on appeals relating to the academics doctoral program (see Statutes of the USMB Doctoral College).