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This academics is a joint Diplôme d'Université Management par la Qualité (DU) (FR) and Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) HES-SO Management par la Qualité (CH). This course was created by HES-SO Valais as part of a Master of Advanced Studies HES-SO in Quality & Strategy Management. This MAS is divided into two main parts (Quality Manager and Strategy Manager), each comprising two CAS.

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This academics course covers quality management and its implementation. Following this course, participants will be able to set up and run a quality management system that meets the requirements of current standards such as those in the ISO 9000 family.


  • Understand the management system and the systemic approach.
  • Analyze the company's context and policies.
  • Analyze and manage risks.
  • Describe processes and interactions and manage documentary information.
  • Measuring performance.


  • Open enrolment for the module or full degree cycle.
  • The academics schedule has been specially adapted to allow you to continue working.
  • Active teaching method, alternating theoretical input and practical exercises.
  • Complementary profiles within the class and rich exchanges.

target audience and prerequisites :

Eligible candidates are holders of a Swiss HES Bachelor's degree or a French Licence 3. In the absence of a Bac+3 qualification, candidates can access academics via Validation des Acquis Personnels et Professionnels (VAPP):
This program is of particular interest to future quality managers needing to set up or take over a quality management system; project managers or executives wishing to master the ISO 9001:2015 standard; experienced people in the quality field wishing to validate their field experience.


  • Send application 15 days before start of academics.


Registration for this academics must be made jointly atUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc (with this registration form) AND at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland (HES-SO). To register for the Swiss part of academics click here.


  • If you don't have the required diploma, you can access academics via the Validation des Acquis Personnels et Professionnels (VAPP) program: See our dedicated page.


Module Introduction :

  • Welcome, general presentation
  • Organization and work methodology
  • Introduction and recent developments in quality management
  • Location: HEG-Geneva

Module 1: Management systems and systemic approach

  • PDCA approach - standards and benchmarks - ISO 9001 and its requirements - tools and workshops
  • Process approach - EFQM model - accreditation and certification processes - tools and workshops
  • Location: HEG-Geneva

Module 2: Corporate context and policy

  • Context and corporate citizenship.
  • A responsible, high-performance company
  • Context analysis (swot, pestel and other analysis tools) - Stakeholder analysis (grid, matrices, sphere of influence) - Tools and workshops
  • Corporate policy (values, vision, mission, commitments)
  • Location: HEG-Geneva

Module 3: Risk management

  • Introduction to risk management - risks and opportunities standards (ISO 31000, ISO 45001)
  • Frequency-severity - importance of risks - risk management stages - risk monitoring by the internal control system (ICS)
  • Environmental risk analysis - links with an ISO-type management system - tools and workshops
  • Location: HEG-Geneva

Module 4: Process approach

  • Describe your organization in terms of processes - study of information flows and expectations - analysis of added value - typology of processes: production, support and managerial
  • Processes and interactions - ISO 9001 mapping and requirements - Representations (flowchart, BPMN modeling) - Case studies
  • Documented information for processes - document management (traceability, archiving, destruction, etc.)
  • Location: Annecy IUT

Module 5: Performance measurement

  • Performance vision - Hoshin Kanri method - X matrix - KPIs / indicators - DMAIC approach - smart method
  • Notion of dashboards - prospective dashboards (Balance Score Card) - application examples - aspects of visual communication - short-interval animation - Quality Operating System
  • Applying visual communication: COUNTRY (game) - indicators and the ISO 9001 vision - implementing and maintaining a dashboard
  • Location: Annecy IUT

Module 6: Alignment - company visit


Organized on the basis of 2 or 3 days per month, this 107-hour academics is made up of 6 modules.


Click here to consult the assessment methods for each module this link.


The award of the diploma and CAS is conditional upon :
- Completion of the academics curriculum.
- An overall average of at least 10/20.
- No validation by competence block possible.


■ Annecy University Institute of Technology (IUT)
Annecy-le-Vieux University Campus
9 rue de l'Arc-en-Ciel
Annecy-le-Vieux 74940 ANNECY

■ HEG Geneva
Battelle Campus
Rue de la Tambourine 17
1227 Carouge, Switzerland


Full diploma cycle :
7,550 (not subject to VAT)

2020 SUCCESS RATE: 100%.

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