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Companies, post your internship offers on the Polytech network career center

  • From your recruiter space on Jobteaser, advertise your offers to students in the Polytech network
  • Manage your ads independently and consult the CV pool

Over the 5 years of the academics engineering program, our students complete more than 39 weeks of internships.

  • Professional internship (bac+1 to +3)

Work placement - Period: early June to late July - Duration: 4 to 12 weeks

  • Engineering assistant internship (bac+4)

Technical or research internship: specific study, development or adaptation of new techniques or methods - Period: early May to late September - Duration: 6 to 17 weeks

  • Engineering internship (bac+5)

Engineering internship to integrate a project approach with technical, economic and human aspects - Period: from early March to early September - Duration: from 20 weeks to 6 months

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Join our students on a professionalization contract

In the5th and final year of academics ingénieur, students on professionalization contracts are salaried employees, with alternating periods of work in your company and academics at the school, for a period of 10 to 12 months. The substantive work entrusted to the student throughout the duration of the contract corresponds to the tasks carried out by an engineer, plus an innovative project.

2 training courses offer the possibility of a professional contract:

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Hire our students on apprenticeship contracts

2 courses are offered on a school/company alternating basis in partnership with ITII 2 Savoies: oct year 1 → march year 3 First half of academics : 4 weeks school / 4 weeks company Second half of academics : 3 weeks school / 3 weeks company april → sept year 3: 100% in-company oct year 1 → march year 3: 2 weeks school / 2 weeks company april → sept year 3: 100% in-company


Do you have a project that requires the combination of several different skills?

The PITON program was set up byUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc to help local companies develop their projects with a team of students on placement, with complementary skills.
Your project could involve market research for the launch of a new service, product prototyping, improving or implementing internal tools, a technical and economic feasibility study, mobile application development...

Calling on PITON gives you the opportunity to :

  • Assistance with student recruitment and project management
  • Choose 3 to 5 students from over 30 courses in theUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc
  • Benefit from a full-time team over 12 to 20 weeks
  • Internal university resources and usable deliverables
  • Develop the company tutor's ability to manage a team

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Your company at the heart of academics

Objectives: promote professionalization, facilitate professional integration, disseminate corporate culture

Actions with Polytech Annecy-Chambéry

  • Intervention in academics
  • Hosting conferences
  • Exchange of experiences, round tables
  • Company and worksite visits
  • Hackathons
  • Simulated recruitment interviews
  • Manager breakfast meetings
  • Participation in the school's governing bodies: school council, pedagogical committee, strategic orientation committee, etc.
  • Sponsoring promotions

Initiatives with the Club des entreprises

  • Employment & Enterprise Week
  • Internship Forum
  • Job dating de l'alternance
  • Mentoring program
  • Trade conferences
  • Women in Management" conference
  • Breakfasts / lunches / HR aperitifs
  • Company visits
  • Interview preparation tools
  • Box I Pro: job placement workshops run by companies
  • Box Expert: professional experts take part in courses

 4 good reasons to sponsor an engineer academics

  • Promote your company and your businesses to students
  • Creating special links with engineering students
  • Help professionalize your future employees
  • Enhance your employer brand