Going abroad


100% of students go abroad during their engineering studies

Experiencing life abroad helps to develop the ability to understand and adapt to multicultural environments, an essential skill for engineers who want to take on positions of responsibility in an international context.

A semester of study or an internship abroad

The school's international relations department assists academics students with their international mobility projects. In this way, each student gains experience abroad:

  • or by spending a semester at academics in a foreign university within the framework of inter-institutional agreements.
  • an internship abroad, in a company or laboratory, thanks to the school's network of partners

An international double degree

Students can obtain both the Polytech engineering diploma and the diploma issued by one of our 6 partner universities in Canada, Burkina Faso, Brazil and Morocco. More info

Our international partnerships

Ranked among France's top universities for international exchanges,Université Savoie Mont Blanc is involved in the most important international cooperation networks. Our location on the border with Switzerland and Italy naturally reinforces the international vocation of our graduates. Polytech is an active participant in the ERASMUS (Europe and outside Europe) / BCI (Canada-Quebec) / ORA (Canada-Ontario) / ISEP (USA) / FITEC (Latin America) programs.

More than 70 partner universities worldwide

See the list of Polytech partner universities