Yes, the Geipi-Polytech competition = a single wish and you can tick as many sub-wishes as you like.

Selecting a academics that belongs to the competition provides the candidate with a link to click on to register for the competition.

The recruitment procedures for our school academics are common to all the schools in the Polytech network.
You'll find all the information you need on the Réseau Polytech website, depending on your profile.

Yes, but you need to check your eligibility beforehand, because all your post-baccalaureate studies will determine the validity of your application and the specializations to which you can apply.

As BUT is a vocational diploma, the specialization of the BUT determines which specializations are accessible.

More information on the Polytech network website

We do not admit any new students to the 2nd year of the preparatory cycle: only students who have passed the 1st year can enter the 2nd year of this cycle.
If you passed your baccalaureate the previous year, you can apply for the 1st year of PeiP.

No, to enter the4th year of academics ingénieur, you must have completed a bac+4 (M1).

Yes, you can apply:

  • in the preparatory cycle if you are a foreign student with a baccalauréat or recognized equivalent
  • at academics if you are an international student with a baccalaureate +2 or higher.

More information on the Polytech network website



This is the name of the school's preparatory cycle. Polytech Engineering School career paths

The integrated preparatory program is a 2-year preparatory cycle that prepares students for the engineering cycle. Assessments are based on continuous assessment.
Students follow both theoretical and practical courses, as well as tutorials. They are trained in the engineering profession from the 1st year, and have a foothold in the corporate world with a compulsory 4-week internship.
Students who have successfully completed the two-year preparatory cycle have automatic access to a school in the Polytech network.

A CPGE prepares you for the competitive entrance exams to the grandes écoles.

Yes, validation of the PeiP enables you to apply for nearly 100 engineering specialties offered by the 15 Polytech schools.

Validation of the PeiP preparatory cycle enables :

  • Direct and automatic access to a Polytech Network school
  • Obtaining the L2 level for PeiP-A
  • Obtaining a DUT for PeiP-D

No, it's not possible to repeat a year. However, double enrolment in a bachelor's degree (PeiP A) or DUT (PeiP D) enables you to continue in these courses and then apply for the competitive entrance examination to join the engineering cycle of the Polytech network.

Our courses are not offered by distance learning.
Our digital teaching platform is only available to students at academics .
In addition to supporting academics, it offers our students the means to self-assess, deepen their knowledge and self-train independently.


  • Regardless of specialization: 40 hours of English per semester. There is no selection process at academics , but a B2 level (TOEIC 785) is required for graduation.
  • If you pass the TOEIC test at the end of3rd or4th year, you must take a2nd foreign language the following year, reducing the number of hours in English by the same amount.

Student life

Whether in the preparatory cycle (PeiP) or in the engineering cycle, Polytech Annecy-Chambéry enables top-level athletes to pursue their sporting career and prepare for an engineering degree at the same time, thanks to flexible timetables and longer courses.

A dialogue with the teaching staff enables us to draw up a Polytech contract with the student, adapted to training and competition periods.

Polytech Annecy-Chambéry offers a flexible timetable for music, dance and theater artists at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional (CRR).

For example, PeiP engineering students at the Annecy site are free to practice their artistic passion on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:45pm and on Thursday afternoons.

We don't have any accommodation reserved for our students, but you can consult our accommodation page to find out about all the solutions we offer to help you find a roof over your head.

To obtain your diploma or a duplicate you must :

Université Savoie Mont Blanc
Scolarité Centrale
27 rue Marcoz - B.P. 1104


International mobility is a compulsory part of your engineering degree. You will have the opportunity to travel during your studies at academics :

  • or by spending a semester at academics in a foreign university within the framework of inter-institutional agreements.
  • an internship abroad, in a company or laboratory, thanks to the school's network of partners
  • more info

The school's International Department can help you with all the formalities involved in going abroad.


Over the 5 years of the academics engineering program, our students complete more than 36 weeks of internships:

  • Professional internship (bac+1 to +3): early June to late August

Work placement or international mobility - Minimum duration 4 weeks

  • Engineering assistant internship (bac+4): early May to late August

Technical or research internship: specific study, development or adaptation of new techniques or methods - Minimum duration 6 weeks

  • Engineering internship (bac+5): from early March to late September

Integrate a project approach with technical, economic and human aspects - Minimum duration 20 weeks

The Corporate Relations Department and the Corporate Club will help you find your internship.

An internship is compulsory. Lasting a minimum of 4 weeks, it is carried out between semesters 2 and 3, with the aim of discovering the company.

The Corporate Relations Department and the Corporate Club will help you find your internship.

Tuition fees

Polytech Annecy-Chambery is a public engineering school.

Fees for scholarship and non-scholarship students are detailed on the tuition fees page.

In 2020, students from outside the European Community benefited from a partial exemption. They paid the same tuition fees as students from the European Community (€601 for PeiP and Engineering courses and €243 for Master's courses). It is highly likely that this arrangement will be renewed for the 2021/2022 academic year. Information will be available on our website as soon as it becomes available.

The school does not offer scholarships, but you can consult the directory of scholarship programs available on the Campus France website.