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Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility: the engineering school makes a commitment

A commitment initiated in 2009 by the school council's first chairman

"Because they know how to design at the lowest energy cost, how to anticipate product recycling, how to model before using materials, how to manage their projects... Polytech engineers will all be sustainable development engineers."
Bernard Gréhant - Former Director of Industrial Property and Technological Innovation, SOMFY Group.

A commitment strengthened every year since

"Sustainable development is everyone's business. Everyone must be aware of the environmental and societal issues at stake in their activities to ensure a sustainable future. At Polytech, this is achieved through awareness-raising, academics and concrete action."
David Gibus - Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Officer - Senior Lecturer in Mechanics

Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

Download the Polytech Annecy-Chambéry charter

  • Commitment No. 1: Educate our students about sustainable development
  • Commitment No. 2: Develop our social and societal actions
  • Commitment No. 3: Reduce our carbon footprint
  • Commitment No. 4: Reduce waste and treat it responsibly

Sustainable development news

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The Polytech network is committed

The schools of the Polytech network have made five commitments structuring their approach to Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility by signing a charter resolutely focused on action. The aim of this charter is to make the Polytech network a recognized and committed player in ecological issues, with the overriding ambition of training responsible engineers who are citizens of their time.

Download the Polytech network charter