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You are a foreign student

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Would you like to study for an engineering degree at Polytech Annecy-Chambéry without a university agreement program?

Exchange students

At academics , Polytech Annecy-Chambéry welcomes students from universities that have signed a partnership agreement with the engineering school.

How to apply for one or more exchange semesters

Step 1: Consult our study program and select the courses you want

We strongly recommend that all courses be chosen within the same semester academics.

academics master's degree taught in English

academics ingénieur (master's equivalent) taught in French


  • Semester 1: September to mid-January
  • Semester 2: end of January to end of May
  • Odd-numbered semesters take place during the 1st semester
  • Even-numbered semesters take place during the 2nd semester

Step 2: register withUniversité Savoie Mont Blanc

  • Your home university must nominate you in advance
  • Université Savoie Mont Blanc will then send you an e-mail with the registration procedure.

Step 3: validating your application

We'll keep you informed by e-mail of the progress of your application. Once your application has been accepted, check the next steps (visa, accommodation, health, etc.).

The international relations team at your service