Student Entrepreneur Status

It aims to strengthen the support of students and young graduates who wish to set up their own business and allows them to:

  • the recognition of your business project
  • access to a graduate dedicated to entrepreneurship
  • support by two tutors: a teacher and an external referent
  • a study design
  • access to the co-working space within theStudent incubator of Savoie Technolac by Chambéry Grand Lac
  • the extension of student benefits
  • access to the entrepreneurial path


All students and young graduates from bac to bac+8, whatever the year or training, who have a business creation project whatever the nature and stage of progress of the project.


Submission of applications in May / Selection and commitment committee in June / Implementation from September onwards. A 2nd commitment committee is planned for the beginning of October for those who could not register in advance.