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USMB is on the move! Throughout the year, numerous events and activities enliven your campus and enrich your student life. DIY workshops, exhibitions, concerts, sports tournaments, conferences, health prevention, association events, shows, meetings, etc., you're bound to find something to suit you in the Campus Diary.


Highlights of the year

Save the dates! Here are the 9 major "Campus Life" events not to be missed this year at USMB, between September and April.

The festivities begin in the 1st week of September with VĂ´ga, the back-to-school event for new USMB students. One day on each campus to welcome you and introduce you to your new university and its services. Come and fill up on information, meetings and fun!

  • September 5 on the Le Bourget campus
  • September 7 on the Jacob campus
  • September 14 on the Annecy campus

Biodiversity, sport, theater, music, medieval combat (yes, it does exist!), the environment, solidarity, etc., over 45 associations bring the USMB campuses to life. Come and meet them at the Associations Village during the JDA! 

Upcoming dates

Did you know that at university, you can be a student AND a reservist? But what exactly is the Reserves? We'll explain it to you over the course of a day on campus, with demonstrations and stands where you can meet representatives of the army, air force, navy, gendarmerie, national police and fire department. 

  • Le Bourget campus: September 4
  • Annecy campus: September 25

From October 11 to 13, 2023Come and ask all your questions to prepare for your international experience, and meet the partners with whom you may be studying.

From November 20 to 24, 2023, we're talking environment and eco-responsibility with the EWWR. Workshops, conferences, testimonials and actions to inform you about good practices to consume better, produce better, extend the life of products and, above all, throw away less! 

Local professionals come to meet you on November 14 and 16, 2023 ! Discover the real world of business through workshops and round-table discussions, get expert advice, testimonials and feedback, and take advantage of the Training Job Kfé to practice job interviews with recruitment professionals.

Looking for an internship this year? Head to the Forum des Stages to meet your future company!

How about some time for reflection and debate on equal opportunities issues? We look forward to seeing you from February 12 to 23, 2024 at the various events (conferences, workshops, testimonies, games, exhibitions, etc.) to exchange, learn and fight together against all types of discrimination.

At home, on campus, in the city or on a larger scale, our individual and collective actions can make a difference to preserving our planet and making our society more sustainable. But how do we go about it? Where to start? Join us at the SEES to fill up on information and events, and talk to a host of local players to find out more about environmental and social issues, as well as the sustainable solutions that already exist. 

Upcoming dates


A festive evening that blends the arts and spotlights USMB student talent! Every year, the winners of the Prix des Talents art competition present their work to the public in Chambéry.  

Date to come

A sneak preview of the 2023 edition.

The culture


Thanks to USMB cultural partnerships and CVEC funding, fill up on culture at mini prices in town and on your campus!

In 2022/2023, students were able to attend 25 shows and concerts, 12 on-campus events, 4 guided tours of cultural venues, 1 artist residency, and enjoy free cinema tickets at cinemas in Annecy and Chambéry. 

From September to March, you can attend a wide range of cultural events, with free or heavily discounted tickets to a selection of shows specially chosen for you.  

Interested in science? Our researchers share their passion and their work with you all year round through lectures, events and exhibitions. Climate, sports performance, biodiversity, mental health, tourism, history, etc., discover all the colors of science in the Les Amphis pour Tous lecture series. 

As you can see, the cultural season promises to be rich and varied. So make the most of it this autumn!

Community life

Vie asso

Would you like to meet people who share the same passions as you? Get involved in a cause that's close to your heart? Or simply represent your industry?

There are over 50 associations or BDEs at the USMB, bringing life to the campuses. And if you'd like to start your own association, SVEC is here to help. 

Relay students (ER)

student relays

You're likely to come across them on campus in their orange T-shirts, at a stand, at an event or discussing upcoming events.

Relay Students (RS) are true ambassadors for the university, providing information and support throughout the year on topics such as health, student life, sports, culture and international affairs.  

The CVEC, a contribution to improve student life

When you enrolled at university, most of you had to pay the Student and Campus Life Contribution (CVEC). But what is it actually used for? What projects are funded at the USMB? Who sets the price each year? Answer in video with Edouard Messin, USMB Student Vice-President from 2020 to 2022.

In a nutshell, the CVEC is used to finance actions and projects from which YOU are the primary beneficiaries.

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