Combating harassment and violence

The USMB is fully committed to the fight against all types of violence (sexist or sexual violence - SGBV; moral harassment; discrimination). A number of initiatives are implemented throughout the year to raise awareness of these issues within the student community, and to provide you with the resources and tools you need to better prevent them on a daily basis. Whether you're a victim or a witness, the university has a number of measures in place to support you.


The reporting platform

Secure and confidential reporting platform is accessible to the entire USMB university community.

This system ensures a reliable and secure process for collecting, handling and processing alerts concerning all types of violence. 

Discover how the platform works in video.

Student Health Service

A place where you can be welcomed, listened to and supported is available at the Service de Santé Étudiante University.

Don't hesitate to contact him if you feel the need, or if you'd like more information on existing structures close to the campuses.

Discrimination and VSS: what are we talking about?

Sexist and sexual discrimination and violence (SGBV) can take many forms. To help you better understand them, here are a few definitions.

Sexist insults or contempt (any sexual or sexist comment or behavior that violates a person's dignity by being degrading or humiliating). It can also be a joke, or a sexual, degrading or humiliating behavior or gesture.

Repeated verbal aggression, emotional blackmail, manipulation, isolation, domination and control, etc.

Deliberate use or threat of deliberate use of physical force. They occur in a variety of places and can take different forms (physical acts, sexual assaults, abuse).

It may be a case of aggression (tany sexual assault committed with violence, constraint, threat or surprise), harassment (when comments or behavior with sexual connotations are repeatedly imposed) or rape (any act of sexual penetration committed on the person of another or on the person of the perpetrator, of any nature whatsoever, committed with violence, constraint, threat or surprise).

Ehey concern all forms of violence that exist on the Internet (online insults, controlling one's partner by monitoring him or her online, sending unannounced photos of one's sex, publishing intimate content without the consent of one's partner and/or ex).

Online resources and local structures

Numerous online resources are available to help you better understand SSV and think about equality. These include

  • Association Savoie de Femmes, association for women victims of domestic violence in Savoie 
  • Association Ostara, a place of welcome, listening and reconstruction for all women victims of violence  
  • AVIJ des Savoie, association for victim support and legal intervention 
  • CIDFF Rhône - Arc Alpin, Information Center on Women's and Family Rights 
  • Espace Femmes, association for women victims of domestic violence in Haute-Savoie 
  • Family Planning 74 Planning familial, a militant feminist and popular education association, answers your questions about sexual health and sexuality, informs you about your rights and helps you make your own choices.

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