Equality and anti-discrimination

At the USMB, a number of actions are implemented throughout the year, notably by the USMB Equality Mission, to combat inequality and discrimination and raise awareness of equality and diversity. The aim of these actions is to promote a university environment that is more favorable to the well-being of the entire student community.


The USMB Equality Mission

Promoting a university environment that is more conducive to the well-being of students, regardless of their sex, gender, sexual orientation or disability: this is the role played by the USMB Equality Mission on all campuses.

Attached to the Student and Campus Life Department (SVEC), it works to prevent and raise awareness of sexual and gender-based violence and to combat discrimination .

Fight against discrimination

If we refer to the penal code, the law punishes distinctions based on origin, gender, marital status, pregnancy, physical appearance, vulnerability resulting from their economic situation, name, place of residence, state of health, disability, sexual orientation, etc., as well as those based on race, religion or nationality.

To combat all forms of discrimination, the USMB is committed on a daily basis to setting up different types of actions and tools for you.   

To combat menstrual insecurity, several menstrual protection dispensers have been installed on the university's 3 campuses. These self-service dispensers offer 100% organic cotton pads and tampons, with or without applicators.

An on-campus solution if you find yourself unable to purchase the necessary protection.

Annecy Campus 

  • In the toilets of the IAE (first floor), IUT, Polytech and University Library buildings
  • CROUS Simone Veil residence
  • CROUS Tom Morel residence and cafeteria 

Le Bourget Campus 

  • In the toilets of the buildings Bibliothèque Universitaire - bât.10, Espace Vie Étudiante - bât.6 (first floor), IUT (near amphi 1), Polytech (first floor), and Halle technique - bât 14.
  • Bâtiment 8D (corridor leading to ground-floor toilets)
    Halle des sports Emile Allais - bât.1 (corridor between changing rooms and toilets)

Jacob's Campus 

  • In the toilets of the buildings Espace Vie Étudiante -bât. 20, Bâtiment 1 (galerie des amphis)
  • Near the toilets of the buildings Bibliothèque Universitaire - bât.15, Halle des sports - bât.16 and IAE - bât.23 

Distributions of reusable menstrual protection (panties, pads and cups) are also organized throughout the year. 

Accessible to the entire USMB university community, a number of non-genralized toilets have been introduced on campus. To ensure the inclusion of everyone, some toilets are also adapted for wheelchair users. Find out where these toilets are located via the links below.

Raising awareness of equality and diversity

egalite actions

Raising awareness of differences, enabling expression and debate on equality issues, providing information on existing resources, etc. Through a wide range of actions, the USMB is committed to fostering an open, positive and caring university environment.

These include 2 highlights every year in the 2nd half of the year: the Festival Plus d'Égalité and the Shoot les discriminations video competition.

A time for reflection and debate on issues of equality, to exchange ideas, learn and fight together against all types of discrimination, through workshops, events, conferences, quizzes, exhibitions and more.

2024 edition: February 12 to 23.
Program to come on the Campus Calendar.

A creative and artistic challenge to decipher sexist discrimination linked to gender, identity and sexual orientation, by producing a short video.

Ten finalist videos are selected by a jury and screened at the Art'iculation evening. The awards ceremony takes place during the evening. Discover the video of the winning team 2023!

2024 edition: February/March.
More information to come in Campus News.

Fight against violence

VSS platform

Fully committed to the fight against all types of violence (gender-based or sexual violence, moral harassment, discrimination), the USMB offers a range of resources and support services.

Awareness campaigns are also organized throughout the academic year.

Whether you're a victim or a witness, the university has set up a number of mechanisms to welcome you, listen to you and support you. You can contact them at any time during the academic year.

Want to learn more about sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) in the student environment?

The USMB offers you an online module, accessible via Moodle, which you can complete independently, at your own pace. In this MOOC, you'll discover the concepts of consent and VSS, the procedures in place, how to act when you're a witness/victim, and the role of student associations. Quizzes will help you test your knowledge, and you'll also find a host of useful resources.

Access the MOOC on Moodle

This module is offered as part of the National Plan to Combat Gender-Based and Sexual Violence run by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

Throughout the year, several workshops are offered to help you understand the issues and consequences of SGBV, act on social representations of sexism and SGBV, and learn about the procedures and resources available to combat such violence.

Supported by the Student and Campus Life Service and the Student Health Service, these exchange and prevention sessions are led by partner and professional groups (Egaé , Ostara and Sista en 2023).

You can find all the workshops on offer in theAgenda


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