Student involvement

As a student at the USMB, you have the opportunity to apply for recognition of your skills, knowledge or aptitudes related to your degree and acquired through personal commitment.


  • What is student involvement?
  • Valuing your commitment to the USMB
  • Student representatives

What is student involvement?

It's hard to define exactly what student involvement is, as it can be so many and varied. 

You can get involved by being elected to university councils or association boards, by joining the National Guard as a reservist, or by doing civic service. 

But this list is far from exhaustive!

Getting involved means taking part in the life of the university through its educational, cultural, civic and sporting activities, and helping to shape the society of today and tomorrow.

Whether you're involved in associations, community work or university studies, student involvement enriches your academics and encourages the acquisition of new skills and knowledge. For example, by taking part in community projects, you'll develop cross-disciplinary skills such as organization, management, accounting and interpersonal skills.  

Student involvement is to be distinguished from student initiatives, which can be rewarded as part of the academics knowledge and skills assessment procedures set by each component.

Valuing your commitment to the USMB

The USMB has set up a system for recognizing student involvement in community, social or professional life. Validation can take a variety of forms; generally, and without this being exhaustive or cumulative: via a dedicated teaching unit awarding ECTS credits, the granting of bonus points in the overall average, partial or total exemption from an internship. Depending on the case, these arrangements can be accompanied by adjustments to your timetable.

How do I apply for recognition of student commitment? You need to fill in the form for recognition of student commitment, and can contact the secretariat of your component. 

To request an adjustment to your timetable, please fill in the special study arrangements request form.

Don't hesitate to take a look at the framework note on the specific study plan.

  • be a volunteer with an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901, at the university (accredited associations) or elsewhere
  • be elected student representatives at the university (central councils, component councils, Crous councils)
  • be in employment, at or outside the university
  • work for a local authority that is a partner of the USMB
  • be involved in initiatives to develop skills in Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • be a member of the operational reserve (army, national police force) or a volunteer fireman
  • be on a civic service mission
  • qualify for High-Level Sportsperson status

All students in bachelor's degrees, professional bachelor's degrees, BUT and master's degrees. The terms and conditions for valuing and assessing student commitment are set out in the official framework note.

Student representatives

At the USMB, as at any other university, you have the opportunity to represent the student community on the institution's various bodies (central councils, component councils, etc.). The votes of elected representatives and student vice-presidents count just as much as those of other bodies (teaching staff, administrative staff, etc.).

So the role of student representatives is far from negligible at university! 

Representing the student community means getting involved in university life, representing students' interests to the administration and taking part in decisions concerning the organization and management of the institution. 

Some are involved in the academics and University Life Committee (CFVU), for example, which is consulted on teaching policy, training issues (e.g. examination procedures) and student living and study conditions. 

"Being elected to the student vice-presidency is a great opportunity to represent our students within the presidency. It allows us to take an interest in our university's various projects, but also to build long-term projects with students: whether they be cultural, educational or student life projects." Nicolas Mourgues, Student VP elected in January 2023.

Nicolas' portrait will be available soon.

The role of the Student Vice-President
What is the role of the student VP? What are their day-to-day responsibilities? How can I reconcile my life as a student with my life as an elected representative? 

Video answers with Edouard Messin, USMB student vice-president from 2020 to 2022.

CFVU and student representatives
How to become a student representative? What is the purpose of the Commission de la academics et de la vie universitaire (CFVU)? How do its decisions affect students? Who sits on the Commission?

Video answers with Edouard Messin, USMB student vice-president from 2020 to 2022.