All day long

Internship and Career Festival

It's back to school time and fall is already here. Some are already looking for their internship, but it's not so easy to find their way around or to know how to [...]

Month Without Tobacco - Consultation with a tobacco specialist

Jacob-Bellecombette Campus - Building 12 - Student Health Service Jacob-Bellecombette Campus, Jacob-Bellecombette

Did you know that with the help of a health professional, you have a 70% greater chance of successfully quitting smoking? In November, on the occasion of the Smoke-Free Month, the Health Service [...]


UNITA Tandems: Improve your language skills between students!

Jacob-Bellecombette Campus Jacob-Bellecombette

Do you speak one or more of these Romance languages: Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian? Would you like to learn a new one, improve your language skills and meet students from different countries?

BOOST Workshop "Organizing for success".

Distanciel - Zoom

Say stop to procrastination, learn to manage your time, your agenda... Thanks to the BOOST workshop "Organizing for success", the USMB Success Center gives you the keys to boost your work methodology and to improve your [...]

BOOST Workshop "Am I efficient".

Distanciel - Zoom

Classes are coming up, the first revisions are coming up and the stress of not having enough time to manage everything is starting to make itself felt... How do you know if your method of organizing your work is effective? [...]

Wellness Workshop - Tai Chi - Annecy Campus

Annecy Campus - Building 3B - University Library

Feeling good in your head, feeling good in your sneakers. To stay relaxed throughout the year, the Student Health Service (SSE) and the Sports Service (SDS) of the USMB offer you a multitude of activities [...]

Conference/Projection - "Watch out, it's hot on the roof of the world!"

Chambéry -Espace Malraux, national stage 67 Place François Mitterrand, Chambéry

Temperatures in the Arctic have increased by an average of 3°C since 1880. This increase is greater than the average warming observed at the Earth's surface over the same period (about 1°C). All [...]