All day long

Reboost your motivation" workshop

Annecy Campus - IAE Savoie Mont Blanc 4 chemin de Bellevue, Annecy

Learning takes time and energy, and it's not always easy to maintain your motivation or commitment on a daily basis. And as exams approach, the slump can also show up [...]

Wellness Workshop - Yoga - Annecy Campus

Annecy - Glaisins Gymnasium 6 Rue de la Frasse, Annecy-le-vieux

Feeling good in your head, feeling good in your sneakers. To stay relaxed throughout the year, the Student Health Service (SSE) and the Sports Service (SDS) of the USMB offer you a multitude of activities [...]

Workshop "Organizing your working time

Jacob-Bellecombette Campus Jacob-Bellecombette

Finding your academic rhythm can take time. And to avoid feeling overwhelmed by a busy schedule, especially during the revision period, it is essential to be well organized. Organizing your schedule [...]

BOOST Workshop "Improving your note taking".

Distanciel - Zoom

Too busy, too scattered, not very visual, poorly organized... Taking notes can quickly become a burden, whereas their primary role is to help you organize and see things more clearly. And [...]

"L'Or Blanc" - Circus show

Annecy - Bonlieu Scène nationale 1 rue Jean Jaurès, Annecy

Grâce à son partenariat avec Bonlieu Scène Nationale (Annecy), l’USMB vous propose des places de spectacles gratuites ou à tarifs préférentiels, tout au long de l’année ! Mercredi 18 janvier à 20h30, l'université vous invite à […]